Are you looking for an effective self-defense weapon to carry with you? If yes, then we bring you the best self-defense weapon among all - Stun Gun. And if no, then you should definitely consider buying a self-defense weapon for yourself and start carrying it wherever you go. It ensures personal safety and keeps you well-equipped for self-defense in case you are ever attacked by someone or if you get stuck in a dangerous situation. Therefore, these weapons are quite necessary if you want to take your safety and that of your loved ones in your own hands. There are many different self-defense weapons available all over the world i.e. pepper sprays, brass knuckles, self-defense keychains, stun guns and many more. Each one of them is effective in its own way but my personal favorite is the stun gun and today I will discuss its numerous benefits with you as a self-defense weapon and will even compare its advantages over other self-defense weapons. However, let us first have a look at a brief introduction of stun guns.

A Brief Introduction of Stun Guns

A stun gun lives up to its name and delivers an electrical shock to the person with whom its prongs make contact. The prongs of a stun are made up of metal and are used to deliver electrical shock which immobilizes the person temporarily providing the victim an ample amount of time to run off to a safe place. The body of the attacker is left “stunned” and the victim immediately gets an advantage over his assailant. Stun guns are available in a variety of different designs and types and you are free to choose from them according to your own choice and preference. Moreover, some of them have much higher voltage capacity while others have a low one. The voltage may be high but the amperage of stun guns is low which prevents any long term damage to the person on whom the stun gun is used.

A high amperage immediately results in the death of the person irrespective of the voltage. Therefore, the consequences depend on amperes of current that passed through the body instead of the voltage capacity of the stun gun. As a result of their little size, the best of these weapons can undoubtedly fit into your pocket or handbag. You can take them anyplace – to the exercise center or to your office. Furthermore, dissimilar to carrying a firearm, these weapons won't cause you to scare other individuals. There is likewise no requirement for unique classes just to figure out how to utilize them and you will not need any special training for using stun guns. As self-defense weapons which are not deadly, these stun guns are a lot more secure than the real guns.

The Pros of Using Stun Guns

Stun guns are very effective self-defense weapons providing a range of benefits to the user. Here are a few benefits of stun guns that make them the best choice as a self-defense weapon.

1- They are Non-Lethal

The best feature of a stun gun is that it is a non-lethal self-defense weapon. People mostly worry about this thing when buying self-defense weapons that if they severely hurt or injure the person they using the weapon against even if it is for self-defense? We all know that would get us into real trouble with the police especially if that person dies. Therefore, choosing the right self-defense weapon is quite necessary in order to protect oneself and keep oneself away from unwanted trouble with the police and heavy charges or imprisonment. Stun guns only temporarily immobilize a person and do not inflict any permanent damage to the brain of the person.

There are some self-defense weapons which produce more dangerous and sometimes fatal results which can prove to be troublesome for you. For example, brass knuckles which are made up of metal are used to magnify the power of a punch. They are quite effective but they can be deadly as well and their normal consequences are bleeding, bruises, concussions, broken bones and even death in the most severe cases. Stun guns are safe in this regard as they are non-lethal and do not kill the person you use it against and just provides you a safe way out of the situation. Also, stun guns come with on and off switches which prevent any accidental actions.

2- Compact Designs

The designs of stun guns are quite diverse. As they are self-defense weapons, therefore, they feature designs which hardly show their true identity. This provides you a benefit over your assailant and you can easily take him by surprise by using this weapon against him. Nowadays, the most common and popular types of stun guns are lipstick stun gun, cell phone stun guns, mini stun guns and stun gun flashlights. These designs hardly show the true nature of this weapon and allow you to easily carry them around as well.

3- They are Easy to Carry

Stun guns are quite easy to carry as they are quite compact and mostly come in small sizes. They can be easily tucked inside pockets, purses, backpacks and even inside the socks. That may feel uncomfortable but provides you close access to your self-defense weapon. These stun guns are quite viable with regards to incapacitating an aggressor. Also, its viability relies upon the gadget's voltage just as the time allotment you hold it on the skin of your assailant. Holding the weapon against the assailant for around five seconds will cause lost equalization and wild muscle fits which will keep going for as long as 15 minutes. This gives you sufficient opportunity to escape and request help.

4- They are Convenient to Use

Stun Guns are quite easy to use and they are convenient as well. At the point when the stun guns are charged fully, they can be utilized a few times until the battery depletes out. They are additionally superior to all other self-defense weapons i.e. pepper sprays which must be sprayed on the aggressor's face. These gadgets which are used for self-defense can take a shot at any part of an assailant's body and be quite effective. It just has to be immediate contact with the skin of the assailant, you can successfully "paralyze" your assailant. Contrasted with guns, they are progressively advantageous to bear. They can fit into a satchel or into your pocket effectively. Likewise, weapons need some training and preparing for you to utilize them appropriately but stun guns do not require any sort off special training or skills. You just have to be brave enough to use them.

Some Useful Tips on Using Stun Guns

The following are some useful tips on using stun guns against someone.

1- Ensure that you charge your stun gun constantly and keep the battery full. It takes some time for the battery to deplete out. You can utilize it for a few times before charging it once more. In any case, you must make sure to charge your stun gun fully once a week.

2- Try not to put your weapon in close access to you especially when strolling alone out in the dark or at some deserted place. The best option in such a time is to carry the stun gun in your hands or keeping it in your pocket from where you can access it easily.

3- To make the greatest measure of harm, focus on the chest, back, stomach, and thighs region of your assailant. The assailant's face and neck are likewise powerful purposes of contact. Simply put into mind that the perfect spot to stun an individual is the certain parts of his body with huge muscle gatherings.

4- Once you decide the area of your assailant’s body where you want to attack him, immediately touch your stun gun to that area of his body by pressing it there. In such a scenario, you should hold your weapon immovably for five seconds to successfully incapacitate the individual who was attempting to hurt you. In any case, three seconds is as of now enough to give you an opportunity to get away.

5- Always make a Plan B in case plan A fails as you must not compromise on your safety. This implies, besides utilizing your stun gun, you should have different plans of running away or escape and it should be your primary concern at the moment. You need not bother with anything elaborate like keeping a weapon inside your vehicle. It very well may be as straightforward as utilizing your keys as a "moment self-defense weapon."

6- A stun gun is one of the best self-defense weapons because of its effectiveness and because of the wide range of benefits it provides to the user as a self-defense weapon.