Stun Gun Tactical High Powered Flash Light Rechargeable Defense CAMO

Our Defender Tactical Force Series flashlight stun gun is here. One of the most Powerful stun gun flashlights in the market with a convenient LED super bright flashlight! This flashlight stun gun comes with an interior rechargeable mechanism which means no batteries are required.
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Part Number: 1Q2-CH77-GC
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This is a very all new high-quality rechargeable max power tactical defense stun gun. 

  • 10 Million Volt Defender Tactical Force
  • Powerful 380 lumens bright tactical flashlight with high, low and strobe modes.
  • Long Lasting Lithium Ion Rechargeable Battery
  • ABS anti-rolling  body.
  • Includes Charging Cable
  • Compact Size 7" inches with 4 Inch Diameter
  • Stun Button is separate from flashlight button
  • Stun Gun mode can be turned off and just be used as a regular flashlight

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