Knives to be happened to be fighting weapons or kitchen tools, but as of late, knives have become essential things to have. This is mainly because knives have suddenly become able to accomplish plenty of different tasks. 

There’s a reason why we have such a vast variety of knives these days. Apart from traditional fixed blade knives, we now have pocket knives that are smaller and easy to carry on a daily basis. 

There are two types of pocket knives, spring assisted knives and switchblades. However, spring assisted knives are the most popular. 

These knives have been adopted as necessary everyday carry knives. People are eager to use these knives, and we are trying to figure out why they love to use these knives. ‘

This is a brief review of spring assisted knives. We shall take a gander at the features, uses, benefits of these knives, and compare them with other knives. 

Finally, we have some ideal spring assisted knives for you. So, let's begin the review with the introduction of the knife! 

What is a Spring Assisted Knife?

Spring assisted knife is also known as assisted opening knife. It is basically types of pocket knives. The name of the knife defines the deployment method of the blade. 

This is a small sized knife with a blade that is folded inside the handle. It features a spring mechanism, and to open the blade, you need to pull the blade to a certain extent, and then, it opens itself to its full position. 

This type of folding knife is used mainly for utility cutting work, EDC tasks and self defense. 

Features of Spring Assisted Knives

- Foldable Blade

The most prominent feature of spring assisted knives is the foldable blade. These are folder knives with small blades that are folded inside the handles. 

Since these are the types of pocket knives, you expect them to have foldable blades. But, the important feature is the deployment method of the blade. 

- Assisted Blade Opening

Now, we come to the deployment of the blade which is a key feature of these knives. The blade is opened only if you first apply some force to pull it to halfway or less. 

When you pull the folded blade to a certain position, this is where the blade will automatically open to full position. 

So, you need to open the blade yourself to a partially opened position, then the spring mechanism works and opens it at once. To fold the blade, you need to fold it yourself by just pulling it back towards the handle. 

- Safety Lock

Once the blade is folded inside the handle, there is a powerful locking mechanism which locks the blade and prevents it from opening itself. It does not move unless you move it yourself.

Similarly, when the blade is opened to full position, the safety lock locks the blade again. It does not fold back unless you fold it yourself through applying some force. 

- Small Size

Another prominent feature of spring assisted knives is the small size. Generally, an assisted opening knife is quite smaller compared to other knives. 

To further lessen the size, the blade is folded inside the handle. Then, it becomes further small that it easily fits into the pocket. 

Uses & Benefits of Spring Assisted Knives

- Comfortable to Use

The greatest advantage of spring assisted knives is the comfort of using it. It feels very easy to use. There is no complex system of blade deployment. All you need to do is pull the blade yourself to a partial position. 

Similarly, you can easily fold the blade back into the handle by simply pulling it back. In addition, it is simple when it comes to use. There is no push button or other additional parts to cause any complexity. 

- Carried Without a Sheath

Another advantage of assisted opening knives is that you don’t require a sheath to cover the blade while carrying these knives. 

Since the blade can be folded inside the handle, and then locked well. You don’t really need to cover the blade when it is folded. 

- Powerful Locking Mechanism

These knives feature extremely powerful locking mechanism. The locking mechanism ensures your safety from accidental injuries. 

While carrying the knife in the pocket, you don’t need to worry about injuries or accidental opening of the blade. The blade won’t open unless you put an effort to open them. 

- The Most Durable Knives

Spring assisted knives are known to be the most durable knives. Let us remind you that these knives feature a spring mechanism. There is no push button unlike an automatic knife. Therefore, there are less chances of these knives to malfunction. 

In addition, these knives are manufactured often using stainless steel and have sharp blades. This is what makes them last longer and use in heavy duty cutting work. 

- Great for Utility Work

Spring assisted knives are considered great for utility cutting work. They work well for cutting veggies and peeling fruits in your kitchen while you prepare food. You can use these knives for cutting clothes and alter dresses. 

With these knives, you can accomplish your garden work as well. You can cut branches and grass and make your backyard look beautiful. 

- Excellent Everyday Carry Tool

Since these knives are easy and comfortable to carry, they serve as excellent everyday carry tools. You can accomplish your routine cutting work easily with these knives. 

For example, you can use these knives for cutting ropes and wires. Also, you can remove splinters and nails with the sharp blades. 

You can cut packages, letters and open bottles and canned objects with their sturdy blades. So, this makes it a complete EDC tool. 

- Your Travel Companion

Spring assisted knives can be your travel partners as well. In fact, these are the knives you would love to have in your arsenal when you are travelling. These knives can assist you in several different ways. 

For instance, you may need to eat food when travelling, you can use these knives to peel fruits and veggies and prepare food. Similarly, you can use them as your emergency tools or rescue knives! 

- Powerful Self Defense Weapon

Assisted opening knives also serve as useful weapons for self defense against the attackers. They are easy to carry and hence you can stay equipped with them and always be ready to face the attackers. 

The advantage is that you can quickly deploy the blade. You can even open the blades yourself even when the knife is placed in the pocket. 

Then, you can pull out the knife and inflict severe injuries to the attacker and put him to his feet. This allows you to survive in such situations. 

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Spring Assisted Knives VS Automatic Knives

Spring assisted knives are often compared with automatic knives. These are two types of folding knives, but there are key differences among them. Both provide different advantages and pose different drawbacks. 

To end the debate regarding which is the better version of pocket knives between the two, we are comparing the two types. Following are some key distinctions between assisted opening and automatic knives:

- Blade Opening Speed

Automatic knives, also known as switchblades are considered quicker. They have a better blade deployment speed. These knives feature push buttons. 

On pressing these buttons, the blades are opened at once. There is no need to pull the blade yourself like you do in the case of spring assisted knives. 

- Push Button

Push button is the key difference between the two types of folder knives. Assisted opening knives have no push buttons and the blades are opened by pulling them with the hands. 

Switchblades are known for their push buttons that allow them to quickly deploy the blades. 

- Accidental Injuries

Accidental injuries is a possibility with switchblades, but not with assisted opening knives. When switchblades are carried in the pocket, there is always a chance of accidental injury because the push button can be pressed accidentally to open the blade which can cause serious injuries. 

In the case of spring assisted knives, there is no likeliness of accidental injuries because there is no push button. Also, the blade can’t move unless you move it. 

- Ease of Carry

Compared to switchblades, assisted opening knives are easier to carry. Yes, both can be carried in the pocket, but the comfort-ability of carrying them is different. 

In the case of spring assisted knives, there is no fear of accidental injuries on the mind while switchblades always have this fear associated with them. 

Top 5 Spring Assisted Knives

1. Tac Force Karambit Spring Assisted Knife

This is basically a karambit knife, but works on an assisted opening mechanism. One of the loveliest knives you will ever have in your collection. 

Tac Force Karambit Spring Assisted Folding Pocket Knife Blue

This is a perfect knife for those users who want multipurpose tactical knives. It features a tactical ring to easily grip the knife. This is perfect for self defense because the curved blade makes it great for thrusting and slashing. 

2. Tac-Force Iridescent Butterfly Style Spring Assisted Knife

If you are a fan of gorgeous knives, here is the one for you. This knife looks a bit like a butterfly knife. Most importantly, there is a rainbow design on the blade.

Tac-Force 8.5" Iridescent Butterfly Style Spring Assisted Opening Pocket Knife 

This knife is for the users who prefer powerful blades. This blade is made of quality stainless steel and is excellent for cutting harder materials. A great camping knife as well, considering its enormous blade strength. 

3. Brown Camo Handle Spring Assisted Knife

Spring assisted knives are usually easy to carry, but this is the easiest to carry knife. It features a pocket clip which allows you to clip it to your pocket. 

Brown Camo Handle Spring Assisted Knife With Pocket Clip - 4.25" Closed In Length

This is a camo style folding knife with a 440 stainless steel blade. The blade is thick and powerful enough to cut harder materials. Also, the pocket clip can assist in holding your money.

4. Spring Assist Bottle Opener Pocket Knife

This is one of the smallest assisted opening knives, and one of the smallest overall. It is an ideal knife for secret agents and campers. 

Spring Assist Bottle Opener Pocket Knife With Money Clip

It features a bottle opener which allows you to open bottles and cans easily. Also, it includes a money clip which can hold your money. So, this multi[purpose knife can be extremely handy.

5. Rainbow Blade Mechanic Wrench Handle Assisted Opening Knife

Rarely you would see a knife shaped like a wrench, but here is a surprise. This knife has a wrench handle and a stainless steel blade. The handle is also made of stainless steel. 

Rainbow Blade Mechanic Wrench Handle Assisted Opening Knife

This is an easy to grip knife. It comes very handy in utility cutting and self defense against the attackers. A liner lock and a pocket clip are the additional features of the knife. 

Overall, it is a comprehensively features knife and can be your ultimate choice for everyday carry. 

Spring Assisted Knives - The Best-Choice EDC Knives

So, would you prefer a spring assisted knife over other knives? Considering the uses features and benefits of these knives, they come up as the best choice. 

The ease and comfort of carrying them, the multiple uses, the sturdy blade and locking mechanism, and no fear of accidental injuries are enough to encourage any user to use these cool knives

However, what’s your take on our suggested spring assisted knives? If you are eager to get one in your arsenal, make sure to choose one from our list above. 

Which is your choice among these five by the way? Tell us about your thoughts in the comment section below!