Butterfly knife tricks you can perform with practice

There is no escape from danger. Is there anyone who does not like a little chaos now and then? Known as the butterfly knife or balisong in Korean, the balisong is a tall, thin, sharp dagger-like object that can deliver devastating blows while at the same time being gentle and artistic. A master of tricks and a master of fun, it can provide entertainment in times of boredom.

One cannot help but want one, right? Moreover, who wouldn't want to become a master of tricks with a blade of razor-sharp steel. In one of the butterfly tricks, a person managed to perform skills without cutting open his hand! I stepped closer as he swung the knife against my face. "It's safe here, come closer," he said. 

We're going to offer a guide on how to do butterfly knife tricks step-by-step, and we'll offer some insight into this unique set of abilities. Let's proceed.

A Guide to Understanding Balisong

Prior to getting started, there are a few points you need to know about balisong knives. In most US and Canadian states, these knives are illegal as of today. 

As these knives gained popularity in the early 2000s, they quickly got a bad reputation in crime movies depicting terrible criminals and bad guys wielding these knives. Soon after they became popular, they became illegal. 

One blade and two handle pieces make up most butterfly knives. One piece of the handle is affixed on top of the blade and another below it. Basically, the handle pieces fling up and down on rotating screws, which are connected to free-moving spools.

The action of the knife is similar to the motion of butterfly wings. This movement has become more controlled without resulting in people getting stabbed. So now we'll tell you about that.

Butterfly knife

To Begin with: Priorities

You will drop the knife when you first learn how to do butterfly knife tricks, so wear closed shoes, preferably hard-soled shoes. The blade of the knife needs to be covered with duck tape or rubber fabric to prevent accidental cuts to your hand if you grab the sharp edge.

The training knife should be used as a last resort if you cannot get the training knife. You are now ready for combat. Let's unlock the safety latch on the handles and the blade will be able to move freely.

Knife Tricks: A Fundamental Concept

All tricks, including complex ones, begin with these first steps. Flip the butterfly knife over the back of your hand while holding the safe handle between your index finger and thumb. The trick is then completed by flipping the knife back up and rotating the knife 180 degrees to make the blade move downwards.

As you rotate your wrist, these steps should be carried out smoothly. To learn to do it, you will have to practice a bit, but after about an hour of practice, you should have it down pretty well. Once your knuckles are no longer touched by the blade, you can move on to the next step.

Next, you will need to reverse the motion. Close the knife the same way you opened it. As you do this in the opposite direction, you will hear a beautiful clicking noise as the handles fold up against the blade. The bit that most people enjoy is this happening in reverse.

  • Aerial Tricks

Butterfly knife tricks include the popular Y2K trick, as well as other aerial tricks. However, it takes practice, confidence, and experience to master this trick, just like any aerial knife trick. The majority of aerial trick lovers advise those who are just learning to master the technique to first practice with fake knives.

  • The Y2K Trick

The butterfly knife move is not so simple to master, and requires a good deal of coordination. A knife's entire handle is spun around the thumb. Towards the beginning, a pencil or pen around your thumb is an excellent place to begin. 

The next step will depend on how comfortable and confident you are with that. Put the knife between your index and middle fingers and grasp the handle between them. You can swing the safe handle around your thumb by pushing your index finger down quickly. 

Let the knife spin around your thumb and then release it, allowing the safe handle to be caught with your remaining fingers. After you remove your thumb, extend the knife outward by raising it back up. When using the arm, not just the wrist, you'll get the best results. As a result, you'll see significant improvements.

  • The Helix

Unlike the butterfly knife tricks that are easy to perform, this one is an advanced motion. Perform the Y2K before attempting the helix knife trick. It will be the same as the previous step but with your thumb around the knife. Hold the handle with the other three fingers, then turn the palm downward with the index finger on the top of it.

With your index finger, spin the knife around the handle of the safe. A butterfly trick is then performed with the knife brought back up. It should look like ancient ninja knife dancing with all the movements flowing smoothly from one to another. If you keep trying, you will become better at the more advanced tricks.

  • The Pinwheel Trick

Knife tricksters and their fans prefer this as one of the advanced butterfly tricks. Knives are held horizontally in their starting position with their tang pins pointing in the same direction as the thumb. 

Place the biting handle between your thumb and the safe handle. By flipping over the bite handle, you should shift your grip upwards as you hold the bite handle. Once the bite handle is closed, you will be able to eat normally.

Butterfly knife tricks

  • Zen Rollover 

The Zen Rollover Butterfly Knife Trick is not easy to master. In fact, the trick consists of three parts and takes a lot of patience and practice to achieve. Follow these steps for perfect knife tricks every time.

-First, grasp the knife with your pointer finger on one side of the blade and your thumb on the other (which will be on opposite sides). The blade should also be held in between your middle finger and ring finger. Your thumb should be at an angle, but even so you shouldn't touch the blade’s tip with it.

-Next, rotate your knife to the side and slide it under your middle finger. Your pointer finger should still be on one side of the blade and so should be your thumb on the other. 

After sliding your knife underneath your middle finger you should rotate it so that only the tip of the blade is under your middle finger. Finally, lift this tip up, using a muscle in between your index and pinkie finger, until it is at a 45-degree angle away from you.

-Finally, continue sliding the knife under your thumb and into position again.

  • Whip Rollover

To perform this knife trick, all you have to do is start by folding your knife in two so it looks like a half sword. You will then hold the handle of the folded blade in your right hand and do a front flip over it in such a way that when you land on your feet, both arms will be outstretched as if they are holding onto something.

So you should have one hand holding the handle of the unfolded blade and the other stretched out in front of you after landing on your feet. Now, as you are holding onto something imaginary with your right arm, use your left arm to whip it over your right arm and land back on your feet where you started. 

To add some flair to this move, tilt downward when doing a front flip so that when you land on your feet, it will look like a slide. In essence; all you need to do is a front flip over the folded up blade and land perfectly in position so that both arms are outstretched as if holding onto something imaginary. Then whip it over one arm and land back on both feet where you started.

You Must Practice Before you Perform Ticks!

You should be able to learn the basics of butterfly knife tricks from these tips, and with practice and time, you will become an expert in the field. The very sight of someone performing lightning-fast tricks with a balisong is breathtaking, so why not become this person?

Your friends and family will appreciate this fancy trick. In the end, learning is rewarding, and it's satisfying to be able to do it and see others attempt it and fail. Knuckle down and refer to our step-by-step butterfly tricks guide often, and you'll have it down in no time at all.

Learn how experts use butterfly knives in these videos. Here is what your goal in real-time looks like. Make sure not to hurt yourself and use the knife wisely since this weapon is still classified as a dangerous weapon and many places still prohibit it. Although, it's not harmful to use a butterfly knife trainer to learn and improve.

I hope that these knife tricks tips have been helpful and inspiring enough to get you started right away on this beautiful art form. When you blow your friends away with your skills, remember to share what you have learned with them.