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Ideal beginner or practice bow 40 - 45 lb draw weight. Comes with a basic 1 pin sight, basic whisker biscuit.
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62" Model Beginner Recurve. Laminated wood riser with solid wood from Europe and America. Comfortable narrow grip. Multi-layers of marple wood core and European fiberglass into the limbs. Specify RH or LH. Specify White or Black limbs Sight stabilizer bushing installed, and the screw hole for the cushion plunger, OR you can also shoot off the shelf for a more traditional shooting style. Enhanced smaller limb tips to reduce vibration.
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The Razorback recurve from PSE is made of Walnut, Burma White, and Beech Wood with Hard Maple and Fiberglass limbs. Each limb is secured into a limb pocket by a limb bolt that can easily be removed for storage and transporting. The Razorback is a great shooting bow that is perfect for those just beginning to shoot traditional archery. Bowstring included
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