real brass knuckle bottle opener

Brass knuckles come in plenty of shapes, designs and sizes. Different variations provide different benefits and possess different features. 

As of late, the best piece of knuckles constructed is a 100% Real Genuine Brass Knuckle Bottle Opener

By far, this is the most advantageous knuckle. Today, we are reviewing this knuckle duster. Here is a detailed review of specifications and features, and later on, we explain its uses:


It is necessary to talk about specifications when reviewing any product. So, we begin this review by first analyzing the specs of this brass knuckle bottle opener. 

So, the first thing is the dimensions. The length of this knuckle is 4.25 inches while the width is 4.15 inches. So, it is relatively larger than most knuckles available in the market. 

brass knuckle bottle opener

As obvious, there are four holes of equal diameter. Each hole has a 1 Inch x 1 Inch diameter. Hence, it can easily fit into any hand.

If your hands are fatter than normal, you can still wear this comfortably. This diameter of holes is quite appropriate. So, it does not matter whether your hands are thick or thin, you can wear it perfectly. 

Finally, we must talk about the material used for constructing it. It is made of brass and that i why it is called real brass knuckles

Mostly, you will find metal knuckles in the market. However, real knuckles are made of brass which is the strongest and the best material. 


- Durability

The greatest feature of this brass knuckle bottle opener is its durability. It has a high quality construction. It is made of brass, and as you know, brass is the most durable and the strongest material. 

This makes it last longer. So, whether you use it for any purpose, it promises to stay with your for a long period of time and continue assisting you. 

- Easily Wearable

There are great finger holes on this knuckle duster. Each hole has a 1 Inch x 1 Inch diameter. 

Hence, it can easily fit into your hands regardless of the size of your hands. The large finger holes allow all hands to get through them and make the weapon easily wearable. 

- Bottle Opener

The most important feature of this knuckle duster is the bottle opener. You can clearly see it in the picture. 

It is an extended part of the knuckle. An additional part is connected from the middle of the finger holes. This is used for opening bottles in particular. 

How to Use Brass Knuckle Bottle Opener?

- Opening Bottles

The most important use of brass knuckle bottle opener is to open bottles and cans. A bottle opener is not present in all knuckles. 

This is the specialty of this piece of knucks. It features an additional bottle opener. It is an extended part of the knuckle and is connected from the middle of the finger holes. 

It is powerful enough to open the bottles. You can stick the bottle inside it and then pull it upwards to open the lid. 

It works, not just easily, but perfectly as well. And yes, you can use it for a long period of time, since it is durable and long lasting. 

- Self Defense

This knuckle duster bottle opener can also work perfectly as a self defense weapon. It can be a solid, lethal and brutal weapon to be used against the attackers. 

In a self defense situation, it can be ideal. You can stay equipped with it, considering that you can wear it around your knuckles. 

When an attacker tries to attack, you can just close your fist and deliver a powerful and brutal punch in his face. 

We can promise, a single powerful punch would be enough to knock the attacker down. However, if you want, you can deliver some follow up punches to finish him off. 

One thing you must follow while punching the attacker is that you must target the face of the attacker. This is where the damage would be maximum. 

- Belt Buckle

Another significant way of using it is by attaching a buckle pin with it. A buckle pin can be incorporated in it which allows you to use it as a belt buckle. 

This pin can be like a knob. You can use this knob or pin to attach it to your belt. You can attach it to any belt or replace the original buckle with this knuckle buckle. 

This would look absolutely gorgeous. If you want to be more fashionable, you must use this knuckle duster as your belt buckle. 

- Emergency Uses

In an emergency situation, this piece of brass knuckles can be very useful. They can be used for breaking glass to get out of a building on fire. You can just punch the glass to break it down. 

- Paperweight

Brass knuckle bottle opener also works as a paperweight. You can place it on the papers to make sure the papers stay where they are supposed to be. This is a weighty item that can control papers placed on your desk. 

Final Thoughts!

After the detailed review of this 100% real brass knuckle bottle opener, we have drawn a conclusion that it is the best knuckles you would ever find. 

This piece of knuckles is the most advantageous, since it can serve multiple purposes. You just need thing single knuckle to get plenty of tasks accomplished. 

It offers more than expected. It promises durability, and is an excellent weapon for self defense. Also, it can be used in emergency situations. 

Considering that many uses of this knuckle duster, you must add it to your arsenal, and avail all those benefits!