Pros and cons of paintball pistol

In paintball, the paintball pistol is also sometimes called a speed ball. It is a type of marker that fires round plastic balls with paint on them at high speeds for play in paintball competitions. They are powered by CO2 canisters and are typically used to cover enemies from close range and when there’s no time to reload the primary marker.

Depending on the model, they have limited ammo capacity between 12-20 rounds per magazine (some may have more), slightly lower muzzle velocity than their primary counterpart, and a shorter range. The models may be magazine fed or single shot (hence requiring cocking after each shot). 

Most pistols have dovetail mounts with which it can be mounted to the top of a primary marker. There are also models that have a rail mount or even integrated foregrip. A pistol should use .43” diameter paintballs which are smaller than their standard counterpart and will make them spin faster upon impact (which usually means they will splatter your target more).

Paintball Pistols are Cheap

Due to their relatively low price, they are often used by players who want to upgrade their weapons arsenal but don’t want to spend too much. They’re also popular among first time paintball players since they allow them an alternative firing method albeit with much fewer rounds than usual.

A paintball pistol is a great investment for any player who likes to play paintball since it helps in handling close range situations plus it provides an opportunity to mix things up when you’re out of ammo for your primary marker. With a pistol, you can also enhance your training regimen if you’re already into airsoft since they have the same ballistics.

If you’re not used to playing with one, get used to it first and make sure that there’s no risk of hitting anyone while playing. While the pistol is a great alternative weapon, its use should be limited so that the game won’t be affected.

Paintball pistol

Choose Pistol Instead of Gun

There are cases where using a pistol is more efficient than using your paintball gun. A full-sized marker can be considered too big to carry around, but most players will agree that it’s not so much more inconvenient to use them than to use the smaller guns. It all comes down to what you need the gun for. 

If you want a very powerful marker and don’t mind carrying around weight, then go ahead and get yourself an M4 or G6 paintball gun with at least an 870 or Marker57 pump blaster. If you want to have the ability to sneak up on your opponents, with the possibility of catching a few by surprise, then go for a pistol.

Pros of Paintball Pistols

These pistols are relatively new, but have quickly gained popularity in the paintball community. They offer a wide variety of benefits that make them stand out from the shotgun or rifle. 

These benefits include safety for young players and those with disabilities, weight for those who wish to keep their load light on the go, and cost for those who want to save some money. All of these advantages make these pistols a game changer in the industry! 

If you own a gun range or play paintball often then it is important to keep up with this trend as some may not be aware of all its benefits.

  • East to Carry

The first is that these pistols are easy to carry. Just about any Paintball player knows how heavy and awkward a full-size paint gun can be, but the smaller guns are much easier to manage on the field.

  • Silent and Non-Intrusive

Secondly, they are silent and non-intrusive. This makes them perfect for shooting other players without being spotted by the opposing team or by tournament officials, which is why they’re banned at most official tournaments.

  • Cheaper than Guns

Third, they can be rented a lot cheaper than paintball guns. A typical Paintball gun costs around many dollars new, while you can rent a pistol for a few dollars per day of play on average.

  • Easy to Conceal

Fourth, they’re easier to conceal when traveling. A typical pistol case is smaller than a rifle case, so they’re easier to carry around.

  • Fun to Use

Finally, it’s fun! Using a pistol is a great way to have fun and socialize with friends at local Paintball fields or woods. You can find registered Paintball fields in your area by visiting the Field Locations online.

  • Easily Accessible

The pistol is one of the most easily accessible and economical firearms available. It can be bought easily, and for that small amount of money, you can have a powerful firearm that’s quiet enough to use in hunting without disturbing animals or people around you.

  • Self Defense Capabilities

If you are looking for self defense weapons, the best option that you have is a paintball pistol. These pistols can be used successfully as weapons when defending yourself from an attack. When purchasing a pistol, you will want to make sure that it has a high capacity magazine and is reliable in making shots. 

Paintballs are safer than traditional rounds because they require no powder or primer and don't produce as much noise when fired. You should also take into consideration the weight of the weapon so that it's easy to carry around and use effectively in an emergency situation.

Paintball pistol

Cons of Paintball Pistols

These pistols are the go-to for fast and close-range games. They're a perfect alternative to rifles if you're attending an airsoft battle and don't want to deal with all the bulk and weight of a rifle, or if you want to use it in tight spaces.

But before you gear up your gun, arm yourself with this list of some disadvantages that paintball pistols entail. Thoroughly understanding what can go wrong will help keep those mishaps at bay!

  • Paintball Pistol isn't Always Accurate

A paintball pistol can be up to a fraction of an inch off from the intended target. Plus, as previously mentioned, paintballs fired from a pistol ricochet off surfaces. This can make it difficult to hit your target by eye alone, especially if you're learning to play airsoft with airsoft guns for the first time and need to practice for your first game.

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The solution: Reloading is much faster than aiming. And if you're just starting out, it's not likely that you'll hit a moving target anyway.

  • Rapid-fire Can Result in Missing Players

As paintballs are fired from your marker, they move slowly and at a steady rate of fire. A pistol can fire at a rate of 10 to 15 balls per second. This is too slow for effective close combat. When the target moves, it's best to fire one ball at a time, giving yourself time to aim and making sure that you don't just hit one part of your enemy's costume.

The solution: If you're playing a CQB game, it may be best to throw the paintball pistol away and rely on an airsoft gun with a higher firing rate.

  • Fragmentation is Difficult

The paintball cartridge that pistols use can typically hold up to 98 pellets—approximately 1.5 grams of paint. However, because they're fired very quickly (and there's no gravity to help them along), the pellets' speed is so high that they tend to expand or "fragment" into millions of pieces upon impact. 

This makes it difficult to hit your target with maximum effect. Of course, the smaller and softer the paintball gets after it's hit, the easier it is to hit your opponent. But even at full velocity, most players have trouble striking their opponents with this type of weapon.

The solution: Buy a "full metal" pistol instead. These shoot much heavier ammo that's designed to keep your victim from escaping after being struck by a paintball. In addition, they're also much louder than their airsoft counterparts with sharp reports that can be heard across a field or area of woods.

The Paintball Pistol is Constantly Evolving!

If you are an avid paintball player, then you know that the game is constantly evolving. Paintball pistol represents a relatively new addition to the paintball arsenal. Some people might wonder if this innovation is making it even easier for newer players to get into the game.

Critics of these guns say that they make things too easy for new players, who can now shoot opponents from their home base with little risk of getting hit back. However, other enthusiasts believe that pistols are just another way for more people to enjoy playing paintball—especially younger ones who might not be interested in getting shot with pellets at close range.