The new Airsofters in 2019 are pretty excited about the Airsoft Sniper Rifles. Sniping appears more glorious and easier for them after seeing movies and video games involving snipers. But, who wouldn't love to experience the thrill of sniping? However, airsoft sniping is tougher than it looks. As you bring an airsoft sniper rifle to the field, there are loads of challenges to overcome. But, before you move to the airsoft field for sniping, the biggest challenge for you is to pick the right airsoft sniper rifle. Choosing the best rifle is as difficult as sniping itself.

Purchasing an airsoft sniper rifle is a great opportunity to try a sniping role in your airsoft group. This role would assist you in developing your marksmanship and start thinking more carefully and strategically regarding the airsoft sport. If you are not yet confident about taking the sniping role, purchase a sniper rifle which would be a fascinating addition to your arsenal. But, purchasing them presents a new issue to counter. Such a great variety of airsoft sniper rifles makes your choice highly difficult. If you explore the market, you will find sniper rifles with diverse features. There are electric rifles, gas-powered sniper rifles and spring rifles. There are different functions of different rifles, but you can focus on what you want.

Whether you are a new air softer, a parent looking to purchase airsoft sniper rifles for your children, or you are veteran trying to figure out how to choose the best sniper rifle. Here is an expert buying guide which would enable you to pick the right rifle for sniping.

Steps to pick the right Airsoft Sniper Rifles

If you think you have the airsoft sniping skills, before even stepping foot in the airsoft field with an airsoft sniper rifle, you are too early to call. The first thing you should be aware of is how to choose the rifle that would serve you best during sniping on an airsoft field. Following are the steps you need to take:

Know the skills you need to establish

Airsoft snipers are the players with certain essential skills and equipment for engaging the opponents at range. Several newbies believe that their sniping skills in the video games are transferred to them in the real life. However, the sniping on the airsoft field is pretty more realistics and requires more skills than the video games. There is a limited skill-set required in the games, typically shooting and spotting skills.

When it comes to airsoft sniping, it does not only take the shooting and spotting skills, there is a significant need to be a team player. The most efficient snipers also need to point out the enemies to his fellow teammates. This certainly requires both mental and physical awareness. You can’t just hold the rifle and shoot blindly. The snipers should be tactically sound and cool-headed. Therefore, first make sure you have these skills before spending on purchasing airsoft sniper rifles.

Get the necessary equipment

An airsoft gun is nothing without a proper equipment, and the most essential equipment is the airsoft sniper rifle itself. We don’t encourage you to purchase a $500 rifle straight away because higher price does not necessarily meant to provide quality. When you can get a useful rifle at 1/3rd of this price, there is no need to spend that much. At this stage, you should be more focusing on what you need, so figure out what rifle suits your requirements. There are airsoft versions of the real sniper rifles available in the market, including M40, L96 and .50 cals etc.

You will be never short of choices, and this is where your test begins. However, some research can ease your way to picking the most astonishing airsoft sniper rifles. You can research manufacturers and prices from different stores and online sites. The research will help you identify the top manufacturers and the prices they charge for their sniper rifles. Before finalizing your decision on a model, figure out the right price for it. Compare the price of this model on different online stores, and see where you can buy it at the cheapest rate. In addition, know the different offers and deals by these stores to avail the discount.

Never compromise on the quality of airsoft sniper rifles

Quality of your airsoft sniper rifle matters a lot when you are to become a capable airsoft sniper. Don’t compromise on the quality in an attempt to buy the cheapest rifle. Try not to purchase anything under $100. Such rifles would be poor in quality, and would be a disrespect and disgrace to a sniper. Several stores would be claiming to have lowered the prices for the rifles to under $100. But believe me, a rifle under $100 would never be made for a sniper.

Many of the good airsoft sniper rifles will range from $100 to $200. However, these are the basic bolt-action rifles. But, they would work for you, so no need to extend your budget in this regard. There won’t be any concern over the quality. The rifles priced over $200 are mostly licensed and gas-powered rifles. In case you can afford them, sure you can go for them, but if your budget does not allow you, stick with the ones ranging between $100 and $200.

Purchase camouflage clothing

Generally, camouflage refers to the use of a combination of coloration, materials, or illumination of concealment. However, it is typically regarded as the pattern of clothes worn by the military. Other than a rifle, being a sniper requires you to buy camouflage clothing, though it’s not necessary. As a sniper, your goal is to remain hidden, which is a part of your job. For this purpose, most of the people would suggest you to purchase a ghillie suit. But, wearing a ghillie suit is not always comfortable. If you find yourself comfortable with it, go for it. However, for others, my recommendation is camouflage clothing.

There are several other options that you may try. Face paint can be advantageous to get yourself hidden from your enemies. As your main objective is to prevent yourself from the sight of your enemies, anything that hides you well can be chosen. Several people tend to wear a ski-mask or a shemagh because they do the job. So, when you have selected the desired model of airsoft sniper rifle, make sure you have the necessary sniper clothing.

Buy a communication gear

Some of you will be surprised by this, but only those who are unfamiliar with sniping. Those who know the art of sniping are well aware of the significance of carrying a communication gear during sniping. Walkie-talkies are pretty common nowadays, most of the sniper carry them to stay in touch with their teammates. An important aspect of sniping is the team effort. You can’t win a battle individually, rather a team strategy is what leads you to success in sniping. You need to interact consistently in order to relay the useful information to one another.

A well-coordinated team is likely to win the battle as compared to a unit that is misinformed and scattered. So, to stand a better chance in airsoft gun games, you do need a way to communicate with your teammates. Therefore, while purchasing airsoft sniper rifles, buy a walkie-talkie as well.

Purchase quality BBs

After you have done with buying airsoft sniper rifles and other essential equipment, it is time to get some BBs. Another stage where you have to be careful regarding the quality of the items. Never purchase crappy BBs, instead purchase competition-grade BBs. It is not necessary to physically get to the market to buy them. You can order BBs online and get them delivered at your preferred place. However, make sure to order them on the renowned online stores.

Try to buy well-made, seamless ammo that are free of imperfections such as seams, cracks and dimples. At the same time, ensure that those BBs are compatible with the rifle you have chosen. As per my suggestion, choose .25s BBs or heavier than this. A heavier BB will offer more accuracy and precision which is a necessity in airsoft. The lighter BBs may have more range, but their accuracy would be less; most of the shots would curve after some distance. So, anything lighter than 23 is not an option for your airsoft sniper rifle.

Practice as much as you can

Before you step onto the airsoft field, it is important to learn the limits and capability of your airsoft sniper rifle. For this purpose, we suggest practice hard with your rifle. In addition, know the limits of your ammo so that you get an idea of the scope. If you are able to go through a can at around 50 yards, you are well set. Aso, ensure that your scope is in tune with your rifle. Zero the scope properly to make sure you are not hesitant to scope out the face of your friend. Hence, practice is what will make you a good sniper with the required skills.

Take proper care of the equipment

If you take proper care of your equipment, you can prolong its life to a great extent. We suggest clean it periodically after a long day of airsoft sniping. Also, try to keep your BBs cleaner as well. Always use good quality BBs and proper ammo, and clean the parts of your airsoft sniper rifles for prolonging their life. Poor quality BBs will also affect your rifle and may lessen its life. So, try buying quality equipment to avoid such situations.

Safety is still a concern with Airsoft Sniper Rifles

Any weapon in your hand, whether real or airsoft, poses some sort of threat or safety issue. While holding an spring airsoft gun or stepping onto an airsoft field, you need to take some some safety measures. There have been many occasions when some idiots foolishly acted on the airsoft field and ended up bleeding. Don’t be oversmart to take the field without taking proper safety measures. If you do, you are landing in trouble by exposing yourself to danger.

Wear proper body and face protection, and specifically cover your eyes. Eyewear is extremely essential because an airsoft BB may damage your eye, notwithstanding it’s made of plastic. It can still inflict injuries to sensitive parts of human body. Try to refuse playing with those who neglect eyewear. If you are playing with some high-powered rifles, you must take extra care because these rifles, if improperly handled, can cause severe injuries. Buy a barrel sleeve as well for additional protection and keep your airsoft sniper rifles on safety when not in use. So, good luck with your airsoft sniping, and I hope you stay safe.