Ornate Dragons Lair Crystal Ball Fantasy Sword With Display Plaque

Ornate Dragons Lair Crystal Ball Fantasy Sword With Display Plaque. 25 1/2" overall length
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With a fantastic design that includes vivid colors and esoteric designs, the Ornate Dragon Sword is one such sword. The stainless steel blade is broad, with a narrow, round-edged cross-cut taken out of the center of the blade and an etched design set just above the point. At the mid-point of the blade, the blade waves inward three times before finally meeting the guard. Here, on the waved portion of the blade, two resin dragons rest on either side of the blade. The guard, also cast from resin, has vague allusions to a dragons head - included are frills, horns, and the top-view of the snout. The arms of the guard are scaled, including the fabled claws of a dragon. The grip is approximately half black and half wire-wrapped, with the black portion encircled by a golden dragons tail. The pommel is a resin-cast dragons claw, clutching a blue crystal ball.

  • Stainless steel fantasy blade
  • Ornate metal fittings & accents
  • Golden dragon scale handle design
  • Blue faux crystal orb
  • Includes wall mount display
  • 25 1/2" overall length

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