Nunchucks History Till Today

Nunchucks, nunchaku or chucks are wooden tools and weapons made famous by Bruce Lee. You must have used this unique and strange weapon but do you know about the history behind it? Yes, Bruce Lee might have introduced it to the Americans, but the history suggests that it is a very old weapon. 

Since it has become a popular weapon around the world, we feel it is necessary to know how it originated. Hence, we have come up with an explanation of the history of the nunchucks. We will reveal how it came into existence and how it evolved over the years. We will explore how the uses of this weapon altered from time to time. 

In addition, there are some historical facts associated with the nunchucks that we must plunge into. So, let’s explore a quick history of the nunchucks:

Origin of Nunchucks

There are several interesting facts about the nunchucks. The most authentic one is that they originated from Okinawa. 

nunchucks history

Okinawa is an area between China and Japan. A few people wrongly believe that China is the birthplace of the nunchaku. However, most historians agree that it is an Okinawan weapon. 

Agricultural Uses of Nunchucks

Nunchucks were originally agricultural tools. These were used for agricultural work such as reaping and cutting crops. Generally, these were used for cutting wheat, rice and soy etc. The mechanism of the weapon makes it possible to use it for cutting these crops. Also, it made it quicker and easier. 

The Popular Chinese-Mongol War

Nunchucks were used in historic warfare. Chinese took on the Mongols during the 10th century. The Mongols handed a massive defeat to the Chinese and in the end they also captured the territory of the Chinese. 

After losing their territory, Chinese retreated and went to the Mainland Chinese territory. This is where they stayed in a village and served the villagers by helping them in their routine agricultural work. 

The Chinese emperor ordered his troops to assist the villagers in their routine work. As a result, the villagers took care of the troops and the emperor and fed them. The emperor discovered the nunchucks there and thought that this weapon could help them fight the Mongols. 

The emperor gathered his army and handed this weapon over. They started practicing and learning the weapon. Once they were well-trained, they started marching towards the Mongols. 

The forces collided again and the battle began. This time around, the Chinese were able to defeat the Mongols. Also, they got their territory back, thanks to the nunchucks. 

Nunchucks Adopted as Martial Arts Weapons

After that historic battle between the Chinese and the Mongols, nunchucks were adopted as a martial arts weapon. The martial arts schools started teaching fighting and self defense techniques to the martial artists. 

Even today, many martial art schools teach such fighting and defensive techniques and the artists love learning those techniques. 

Bruce Lee Movies

Bruce Lee is one of the huge stars of his era. He was definitely an icon. He appeared in many movies and in most of his movies, nunchucks featured as well. He was the most skillful and talented user of this weapon. In addition, he was very popular for using this weapon in his movies. 

Enter the Dragon was one of his best movies in which he used nunchaku several times. It involved many nunchucks fighting scenes. Also, this movies was one of his masterpieces! Today, people learn using the weapon by watching Bruce Lee’s movies. In the 1970s, his nanchaku movies gained a lot of appreciation by his fans! 

Nunchucks In WWE

In WWE wrestling entertainment, nunchucks are frequently used. They are used as secondary fighting weapons because generally weapons are illegal. In a popular match between Dean Ambrose and Chris Jericho on a special occasion, Ambrose used a nunchaku and won the battle in the end. 

He was earlier down and out, but as soon as Ambrose took out this wooden weapon, he was able to fight back and beat the hell our of Jericho. Another popular story revealed that Ambrose was fined for carrying them by border control authorities on plane. He confirmed it as well. 

Nunchucks Adopted as Self Defense Weapons

Nunchucks are adopted today as self defense weapons to deal with the attackers, These are actually very fine weapons and lethal too. Made of wood, these are lethal enough to cause severe injuries to the attackers. 

Also, they offer more reach since a long rope is attached between them. You can stay at a safe distance from the attacker and swing it hard to injure the attacker! 

Get Your Nunchucks!

So, you have learned how cool nunchucks are! Time to get a pair of chucks and use it for purposes you want. It is an incredible self defense weapon, that’s right. However, you can also use it for several other purposes. It can be used for cosplay too. 

Would you like to become a Bruce Lee and display your skills? Definitely yes! Also, you can showcase your talent on a cosplay stage and impress the audience. If not, you must have such a solid weapon to battle the attackers. So, get your nunchucks now!

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