MTech USA Composite Crossbow 31" Over all 130 Lbs. Draw Weight

130 Pounds Draw Weight Crossbow Foldable Limb with Stringer. Includes Two 16" Arrows.
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Part Number: 5Q2-DX-130
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Crossbows are normally great for hunting and target practice purposes. This item is a great specimen. It pulses a whopping 130 Lbs. draw weight which is more than enough for most hunting animals. Also the gun shaped design makes it easier for accuracy. It comes with 2 14" bolts and an extra drawstring. The all black composite handle and body makes it much lighter and a rather sinister look. So get yours now.

  • 130lbs draw weight
  • Foldable fiberglass limbs
  • Aluminum alloy barrel
  • Auto safety
  • Lightweight stock

  • Adjustable sight
  • (2) Aluminum shaft bolts
  • Foot stirrup

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