movie prop guns

Have you ever wondered why the action in the movies seems so real? Yes, you have to credit the camera work. But, the technology they use is incredible. 

Specifically, we wonder why the shooting is so real. Do you know which guns they use in the movies? Whatever those guns are; they are magnificent. 

These movie guns shoot realistically and still don’t cause any damage. So, what sort of guns do they use in the movies? Today, we are specifically exploring these movie guns. 

The guns they use in the movies are called Movie Prop Guns. These are specifically designed for movies and production purposes. 

Here is a detailed guide to the prop guns. We explore their uses, why they are used for production and then identify some of the best guns out there. Here is everything you need to know!

What are Movie Prop Guns?

Movie prop guns are pretty safe guns since they don’t fire bullets. However, the shooting mechanism is absolutely real. They can replicate the original guns. 

prop guns

Prop guns produce a very real sound. They can discharge fumes and display a realistic firing. However, no projectiles are shot from them. Hence, they are ideal props for movies. 

There are two types of prop guns, including the front firing and top firing guns. The front firing guns are the ones that discharge the fumes from the barrel. 

On the other hand, top firing guns are the ones that discharge the fumes from the vent at the top. These guns come in the form of pistols, revolvers and machine guns! 

Movies & Production - The Basic Use of Movie Prop Guns

The basic purpose or use of movie prop guns theatrical and film production. There are many reasons to prefer these guns in the movies. 

First of all, these guns are pretty safe to use. You would ideally want your actors to stay safe throughout the film. Since these guns don’t fire bullets, they are absolutely safe. 

The actors involved in the movie can enjoy firing, but can stay safe as well. Thankfully, there is no bullet fired from these guns. 

Secondly, prop guns offer a realistic firing experience. The shooting mechanism is absolutely the same. It seems like real shooting is going on. 

The cameraman does not have to do something extraordinary to determine the reality of firing. These guns are excellent when it comes to realism. 

The fumes discharges from these guns are enough to determine the real firing. This makes them absolutely perfect guns for movies and theatrical production. 

Other Uses of Prop Guns!

Dog Training

Prop guns are ideal for dog training as well. They are quite frequently used for this purpose. Specifically, military dogs are trained with these guns. 

Police or military dogs need to be familiar with guns. They must not panic during shooting. Hence, they are trained in a way that they become familiar with the sound of firing. Since these guns offer real firing sound, these are more than ideal for dog training.

Army & Police Training

Other than military and police dogs, the military and police personnel are also trained with these guns. They learn about gun handling in a secure manner. 

When the new staff of police and army are being trained, they are handed over these movie prop guns in order to make them familiar with guns. Also, they learn how to use and shoot with them. 

Starting a Race

Prop guns are often used for starting a race. Be it a dog race, a car race or a horse race, a fire from this gun would begin the race. 

You must have seen someone fire and as he does, the race begins. This is why these blank firing guns are sometimes known as starter pistols. 

Celebrating an Event

There are different styles of celebrations. A few would celebrate with shouting and high fives. However, the most exciting people always celebrate an event with shooting. 

With prop guns, they can celebrate an event with realistic firing. 

Giving a Signal

You can also use movie prop guns as signalling devices, and people do use them for these purposes. 

If you are left behind, you can signal your crew by firing with these blank guns. Also, you can give an indication that you are in trouble through some shooting. 


To conclude, we can say that movie prop guns are the best guns you can ever use in the movies or production. Not just these guns are safe, they also provide a realistic shooting experience! 

However, these are not just for movies, you can use them for purposes such as celebration, starting a race, training and giving a signal etc.