Medieval Knights Mitten Cuff Gauntlet Set

Medieval Knights Mitten Cuff Gauntlet Set. Crafted from 18 Gauge Steel and Other Materials.
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Gauntlets were armor that protected the hands, wrists and forearms. There were many types of gauntlets ranging from leather to steel. This style of Gauntlet allowed for better manipulation of weapons. Since the hands and arms were particularly vulnerable in hand-to-hand combat, historically, gauntlets were an important piece of armor. This Medieval Forged Steel Mitten Cuff Gauntlet Set has been designed like mittens and the cuff flares to allow wrist movement. Each piece is riveted down making the pieces like hinges. Leather straps inside the cuff and thumb allows a person to have a good firm grip on the Gauntlets. Included with steel gauntlet is a black suede glove. Each glove has been manufacturer with a standard size allowing different size of hand to fit snugly inside. The inner suede glove helps to protect the inside of your hands from getting hurt, especially when holding on to the reins of your horses. Its made from forged steel and comes well oiled, preventing this historical replica piece from rusting.

  • Hand Forged
  • Two Piece Set
  • Ideal Comfort for Role Play & Re-Enactment
  • Length: 13.25 inch
  • Width: 4.5 at the Cuff
  • Includes: Two Cuff (right & left hand), Right and Left Suede Glove
  • Crafted from 18 Gauge Steel and Other Materials
  • Adult comfort wearable.

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