Materials Used to Manufacture Best Types of Swords

What are the weapons used for fighting and combat these days? There are many to count but the most popular are firearms and nuclear weapons. In modern days, firearms and nuclear weapons are used in wars. 

However, there are several other fighting weapons that are not too lethal. One of the weapons that were used for fighting are the swords. Real swords are among the oldest fighting weapons that were used during wars. They are no longer used for combat but they are still popular around the world. 

Swords are now being used for several other purposes. Though they are not popular today as fighting weapons, they are popular as collectibles, decor items, cosplay weapons, costumes and more. This is why you often see swords in the movies even today. How are modern swords being made? Today, we may look at the construction of swords using different materials! 

Materials Used to Manufacture Swords

  • Stainless Steel

Stainless steel is the most popular material used to manufacture swords. During the past and even today, it is the best material used in construction of swords. Steel is the strongest material as well, and stainless steel is one step ahead. 

One can say that it is a quality material which promises immense strength and power. This is what you want from your sword. In the past, steel was used to make swords and the swords were quite powerful. The blades were sharpened to make them even more powerful. 

Steel real sword

In modern times, stainless steel is used to construct military swords, and the swords are believed to be too powerful. Stainless steel is a better version of steel and promises further strength and power. Again, different tools are used to sharpen the blades. However, such swords are not used for combat or fighting purposes. Rather, modern steel swords are used for decor and cosplay purposes. 

  • Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is another material that was used for constructing swords in the past. Carbon steel is a combination of steel and carbon. Anyway, it comes up as another powerful material to construct swords. 

Even today, carbon steel is being used as a construction material in blades and full tang swords. However, it was more popular in the past but not as popular today. Strength of the blade actually depends on its sharpness. Sharpening stones are used these days to sharpen the swords and the blades. Therefore, a powerful sword mainly depends on its sharpness. 

  • Wood

Yes, steel and carbon were the main materials used for constructing swords in the past. However, today there are other materials used to make swords as well. This is because there are several other purposes of using swords these days. 

Wooden sword

For instance, swords are used for decor, cosplay and costume purposes as well. For these purposes, they need to be safe and secure for the user. Steel bladed swords are not allowed in cosplay because they can be dangerous for the cosplayers. Hence, wooden swords are being constructed these days because they are quite safe for the users. 

As the name suggests, wooden swords are made of wood. However it is not ordinary wood, rather quality wood which ensures the durability of the sword. In addition, these swords look quite realistic. Modern ninja swords are often made of wood. More importantly, they are not lethal and can be used for cosplay, costume and decor purposes in a safe manner. Wooden swords are also used in training and practice. 

  • Foam

Just like wooden swords, foam swords are also quite safe and look quite realistic. They are not made of ordinary foam, rather made of high quality polypropylene foam which determines how durable these swords are.  

Foam sword

With a good color scheme, these swords also look very realistic. Most importantly, these swords are quite safe to use as foam is one of the softest materials. You can safely use them for decor, costume and cosplay purposes. Anime swords and fantasy swords are often made of foam. So, foam, wood, carbon steel and stainless steel are the materials used to manufacture swords. 

The Best Types of Swords

  • Anime Swords 

Anime swords are among the most popular modern types of swords. These swords belong to imaginary characters called anime characters. These are superhero characters who save their worlds by using these swords. So, these swords become quite special for the fans of these characters. 

As a fan of a few anime characters, I love having some of their swords in my collection. These swords are not real swords. Rather, they have a unique appearance and look quite strange and interesting at the same time. Anime swords are usually made of wood or foam. 

  • Medieval Swords

Medieval swords, as the name suggests, are the swords that belong to the medieval era. We all know how special the medieval period was when considering these types of swords. I love some of the medieval swords I have in my collection. 

Medieval sword

These are incredible swords and I find them quite fascinating. Most medieval swords were made of carbon steel and had quite long and sharp blades. This is why you often see most popular swords were constructed during the medieval era. Medieval swords were usually made of steel or carbon steel.

Though the medieval period is over, medieval swords never lost their popularity. Even today, these swords are extremely popular among enthusiasts. Therefore, fans are keen to collect these swords and impress their mates with their medieval collections! 

There are many movies made of medieval swords. Since the medieval period was one of the greatest periods in terms of bladed weapons, classic movies containing the use of swords are based on the medieval era. Fans of these movies love these movie swords and the history behind them. Some of the greatest swords from the medieval period include the katana sword, the Scottish claymore and the short sword. 

  • Samurai Swords

Samurai swords are also called katana swords. These swords were part of samurai traditions. Every samurai used to carry a sword around his shoulder. A katana sword was used both by the samurai warriors and the ninja warriors in ancient Japan. 

Samurai sword

This sword is known to be one of the greatest swords of all time. It is one large sword with a long and thick blade. There is a small curve at the bottom of the blade which makes it look fantastic. The highlander sword is the replica katana sword as well. It is one of the most famous swords. 

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It is a powerful badass sword which was used during wars as a pure combat and fighting weapon. Today, this sword is often used as a costume and a decor item. Samurai swords are made of steel, carbon steel, and sometimes wood for practice purposes. 

So, what are you looking for? If your arsenal is deprived of these cool swords, make sure to get them in your collection. No matter what materials are used for making them, these are the must-have swords in your collection.