Many people want to know what a lipstick stun gun is. Well, a lipstick stun firearm is used for personal protection in cases where an attacker is close to the victim. The device often looks like a tube of lipstick and can be easily put inside a purse or pocket without drawing any suspicion from onlookers.

This stun gun can cause some pain but should not break the skin or leave marks on the attacker's body. A person looking at it may think you are applying make-up at home (even though it's highly unlikely that you would bring your own). For many women, having access to this tool gives them peace of mind when they're out in public alone. The threat of this tool, as well as the fact that it is an electroshock device, is usually enough to stop an attacker before any serious harm can be done.

Some stun guns are used for other purposes besides self-defense, such as for law enforcement applications. It gives those working in the field of criminal justice a way to have protection on hand without drawing too much suspicion. It can also be used by travelers who want something small and helpful during their trip through dangerous areas. In some countries, firearms are not permitted to be carried around freely so these guns are a great alternative form of protection against criminals and attackers.

Who Invented the Lipstick Stun Gun?

The Lipstick Stun Gun is a product from the Swiss company Montblanc. The stand-alone device has a lipstick-shaped compartment in the middle to hold your stun gun, which has a 3-volt battery that lasts for 4 hours when fully charged. In order to initiate the electric current, you simply press down on the center of it with the tip of your finger or aluminum foil. The product can also be plugged into any outlet.

While this is an interesting concept, the stun gun's design is somewhat bulky and awkward for a concealed carry purpose. There have been incidents where the product has zapped unsuspecting people accidentally. So it is up to individual preference as to whether this would be one of the finest self defense weapons.

The first documented use of electricity as a weapon used to stun or kill occurred in 1774 when Dr. Luigi Galvani shocked a dead frog leg with his scalpel. This produced muscle contraction and thus animation in the leg. He then observed electric fluid coursing through the animal's leg and concluded that this action was due to muscle contraction resulting from the reception of electrical stimulation.

In 1881, Robert Frank Gray became one of the first documented victims of an electrocution. He was sentenced to death by execution by an electric chair in Nebraska and died on July 9, 1885, in Lincoln, Nebraska. His electrocution was carried out after he committed murder at a bar in Red Cloud, Nebraska on December 3, 1881, with a homemade device that consisted of two metal motors hooked together with insulated wires and one wire connecting them both.

How to Use a Lipstick Stun Gun?

You've seen the lipstick taser on late-night TV and were instantly charmed by its harmless appearance. But before you buy one, here are some important things you must know!

This stun gun looks just like any other tube of lipstick: it's a small cylinder that contains an electric charge in the form of two metal prongs. When it’s activated and placed against someone’s skin, the electricity will cause them to involuntarily stop whatever they're doing. The effect is similar to that of a Taser. Anyone can buy this stun gun. But it’s not as harmless as it looks. Anyone can easily purchase this stun gun from any number of online outlets. 

All you have to do is press the "on" switch, and the prongs will pop out. You can then touch your assailant with it, and electro-shock him into submission. It's better to use on someone's leg or arm than on their face or torso, as the current will mostly flow through their body. The effect of an electro-shock is both painful and debilitating: your victim might lose control over his muscles and become paralyzed for several seconds or minutes.

Why Should Women Use a Lipstick Stun Gun For Defense?

Why does lipstick stuns? Well, first of all, they're cute! Secondly, the second you whip out your lipstick stun gun from your purse or pocket and crack it during a mugging or attack, the attacker will be so surprised they'll loosen their grip on you. Here are the benefits of these stun guns:

1. Easy to Use

A lipstick stun gun is easy to use and, if used correctly, you can be sure that the attacker will not even know you have struck them. Once you've zapped the attacker on their pressure points, the attacker will fall down stunned for a few seconds.

2. No Spray or Alarm

A stun gun does not make any kind of spray or alarm. This is a big benefit because some can carry mace sprays in their purses. The sprays are messy and can harm innocent bystanders. You don't have to worry about collateral damage with a stun gun.

3. They're Lighter

These stun guns are lighter. This can have a big benefit for women. If you want to hide a stun gun in your purse or pocket, then you'll need to use something bulky and in the way of using the stun gun.

4. First Aid

You cannot use a lipstick stun gun as an actual weapon, but it can be used to administer first aid for medical emergencies when you are not around to help someone else. It is easier than carrying around an actual first aid kit. Just take out your lipstick stun gun and offer it to the person who needs help immediately.

5. Personal Security

These stun guns are good for personal security. See, if you have a stun gun in your purse or pocket and it is out and you're walking around, something bad could have happened to you already. By having a stun gun in your purse or pocket, you'll be better protected against those bad things that happen unexpectedly. 

If someone is after you, then they will not be able to attack you unless they know what's happening and can see you. When an attacker is faced with the shock of being zapped, their brain will not work very well (think about how difficult it is to think things through when scared).

Carry Your Self Defense Lipstick Taser! 

The Lipstick Stun Gun is an excellent choice for those who want the protection of a stun gun without having to carry one by hand in their purse or pocket. It looks just like a normal tube of lipstick so no one will know that it's anything else unless they get up close to inspect it (not something they'll be doing if they're trying to mug you. Mainly for the ones who want to mug you). You can put on lip gloss and a different shade of lipstick, and it will look like a nice lip gloss and lipstick. 

So you could even do this if you're in public and someone is trying to rob you. It gives you first-class protection without carrying a heavy stun gun. Why would someone want to protect themselves with this Stun Gun? There are so many reasons why people buy them; some women feel safer around dangerous men, others carry them as a backup when they're traveling, others use them in anger management classes, and still, other women never leave home without one.

The Lipstick Stun Gun is the perfect addition to any woman's purse or gym bag; it can give you a reliable sense of security whenever you feel vulnerable. It comes with a set of detailed instructions on how to use it. And, because of the low cost, you'll be able to buy tons more Stun Guns and other items so you always have one handy. 

Also, since it's an easy operational device for anyone, even your children will learn how to use one in no time. It's safe and easy to use. Anyone can take it out of its secret compartment and become immediately prepared for any situation that might arise when you need it most. Plus... the lipstick is removable so you can instantly change the color or simply add more charges (if necessary) without having to replace the whole Lipstick Stun Gun.