sword fighting techniques

Swords have served humans for centuries. These bladed weapons were used for warfare and fighting the enemies. Generally, a sword has a long and thick blade. It is greater than a knife, and has more blade power. 

Sword fighting is a skill and an art. The swordsmen are capable fighters who have enormous skills. An unskilled person can’t use swords perfectly. Moreover, it has become a part of martial arts. 

There are different types of swords and different fighting techniques. Today, we are exploring different sword fighting techniques. 

This is a basic guide to sword fighting. In the end, we aim to make you capable sword fighters. So, let’s begin with the guide. 

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Which Sword You Should Choose for Practice?

The first thing you need to know before beginning with the guide is what sword you should choose. You must use training swords in order to prevent injuries. 

Training swords are those swords that don’t have steel blades. There are foam swords and wooden swords that you can use for training or practice. 

Both foam swords and wooden swords are safe to use, but you can’t use foam swords for training. Foam swords are made of foam, and it is pretty soft. 

Foam swords are mainly used for cosplay. If you use them for training, they would be destroyed straight away. So, a wooden sword is better in this regard. ‘

Wooden swords are the best when it comes to practicing sword fighting techniques. They can’t be destroyed because they are made of a durable material i-e wood. However, you must be careful while using it to avoid injuries.  

Start with Basic Angles of Attack

Start with learning fundamental angles of attack. Generally, there are eight attacking angles with a sword. Sword fighting includes different fighting angles. The first angle is down to the left. 

The second is slantways down towards right, diagonally up from right, crossways up from left, and right and left strikes in parallel. 

These are basic angles that you need to perfect at the start. Once you master these angles, you are well on your way to becoming a capable swordsman. 

Avoiding the Attack

The basic move that you need to master is avoiding the attack. This is a process of stepping away from the sword attack. This is a way to defend yourself from the attack. 

As your opponent tries to attack you with a sword, you can take a step backwards to prevent the sword. Whether he is swinging his sword at any angle, a step back can easily defend you from the attack. 

When your opponent tries to cut you with a sword, be careful and step back from the attack. And get ready again because a skilled swordsman would take another chance to attack you. 

Blocking the Attack

This is another sword fighting technique. First, learn to avoid the attack and then try to block or counter the attack. This technique is called parrying. 

Before your opponent tries to attack, you can quickly counter the attack by pushing his sword with your sword. Now, step forward to launch an attack on him. 

This is one of the most effective fighting techniques that allow you to defend or attack quickly. Block his attack and then initiate a counter attack on him. 

Your Turn to Attack

After blocking your opponent’s attack, now it is your turn to attack with your sword. This is a move that you need to make to take your opponent down. 

Take a step towards right and towards your opponent. This will determine your dominant attitude and prevent your opponent from attacking you. 

You need to bring a sword in a very straight line to strike your opponent. This makes sure that your opponent is unable to counter your attack.  

Maintaining Control on the Sword

The final sword fighting technique is maintaining control on your sword. A swordsman is the person who always maintains control while using a sword. 

To take control of the fight and maintain your dominance, make sure to make your moves perfectly. Practice these sword fighting techniques and master them before your next fight!