Knights Templar Medieval Dagger

Knights Templar Medieval Dagger. 19.5 inches overall in length
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Sharp Import provides a whole lot of daggers, and we specialize in medieval daggers. Yes, we stock a great collection of medieval daggers, and here is an example. This Templar Medieval Dagger is by far the best we have to offer. It is a handmade dagger and promises quality and strength. Replicating the original Knight's daggers, it is indeed a masterpiece. This beautiful dagger is small by no means since it is almost 20 inches in size. The blade is as long as you can expect that is more than 12 inches while the handle is 7 inches long. This makes it a gigantic dagger, and the Medieval Knights did use to carry such daggers as their primary fighting weapons amid wars. 

This Templar Medieval Dagger deserves a place in your arsenal for many reasons. If you are a fan of Medieval Knights, you must have this dagger in your collection to showcase your love for these warriors. Also, this dagger can be carried as a self defense weapon, and placed in the display cabinet as a piece of decor. It comes with a custom leather sheath that can hide the blade and make it pretty safe to carry. It has a pommel as well as a hand guard. A beautiful dagger overall. Grab this masterpiece in bulk now at 90% reduced than retail prices. Make sure you get a 20% discount by buying this dagger for $1000 or more.

  • All handmade dagger
  • 19.5 inches overall in length
  • 7 inches overall handle length
  • 12.25 inches blade length
  • 5.75 inches guard length
  • Includes custom leather sheath

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