Imperial Itallic Roman Officer Helmet with Liner and Detachable Plume

Imperial Itallic Roman Officer Helmet with Liner & Detachable Plume. Included in the helmet is a adjusted Liner with chinstrap and a display stand.
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This is a reproduction of an Imperial Itallic Roman Officer Helmet. The helmet style was used by the Roman army from the 1st century BC to the early 2nd century AD. The design for the helmet originated from the Gaul region of the Roman Empire (now modern day France and Belgium), and was more than likely forged by Gallic smiths. Therefore, the helmets retained the influences in construction and design of the original Gallic design.
The Imperial helmet was more ornate and gave better protection than the previous Coolus helmet of the Roma Army. Brass reinforcement was added to the ear holes and along the edges of the helmet. Brass bosses were added to the neck guard and cheek guards. The neck guard of the previous model was extend to offer better protection of the vulnerable neck. Where the Coolus was constructed of bronze the Imperial was made of iron.
The Roman Officer was one of the most well disciplined soldiers ever. It was their genius that allowed the Roman Empire to expand. Their Helmet served two purposes, they made the officer easily distinguishable to their soldiers as well as adding an intimating height.

Centurion helmet and officer helmet look similar. Pay attention to the direction of the red crest. Red crest on the centurion helmet goes from side to side and the one of officer's helmet goes from back to front. Included in the helmet is a adjusted Liner with chinstrap and a display stand.

  • The helmet is polished carbon steel.
  • The wings are steel with golden rivets and are mounted on hinges.
  • The top of the helmet is adorned with scalloped steel patterns.
  • A reinforcing horizontal visor is fitted across the front of the helmet with a two steel rivets.
  • The edges of the helmet are reinforced with double layered brass.
  • The accents are brass and made durable.
  • Leather support cords have been added to keep plume attached correctly without movement.
  • Helmet Wooden Display Stand Included!
  • Helmet Height & Width: 9" x 8"
  • Helmet Circumference: 25.2"
  • Style: Wearable helmet with leather liner and adjustable chin strap
  • Material: 18 Gauge Carbon Steel with Brass Fittings

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