Airsoft is a game similar to paintball where you and many friends run around with airsoft guns, shooting each other in the face. Sometimes people even get hit by real bullets. They're all over the place near schools, poorly lit parks, and anywhere else kids can run around without getting shot. These sites have some of the most fun pictures on Instagram from people who play this game.

Also, they have special rifles that shoot plastic pellets at insane speeds and are often called "airsoft sniper rifles". Well, what is an airsoft sniper rifle? A sniper rifle is a special rifle that is built for long-range shooting of targets that are either stationary or moving very slowly. These weapons most often have large scopes with crosshairs and are made for the sole purpose of removing the threat from a distance. They are not makeshift weapons like other airsoft guns and don't look like ARs that "normal people" would own. They're also much more complex to operate. 

It's more complex than putting in a pellet, pulling the trigger, and hitting your target each time. These weapons are meant to be highly precise and require more work than most other airsoft guns. They're also typically made out of a harder plastic than the normal cheap pellet guns so they don't break as easily. To get a better idea of what a sniper rifle is, let's look at the different kinds that are available and their features. 

Types of Airsoft Sniper Rifles

1. Spring Sniper Rifle

These are the bottom of the barrel when it comes to airsoft rifles. They're basically an airsoft version of a spring airsoft shotgun, except they're not as loud or powerful. These are ideal for people who aren't very good at aiming and want to shoot things without much thought or effort. 

They operate off a compressed air canister or a spring which is pulled back like a bow or slingshot. The "sniper" aspect comes from the fact that you need some pretty good aim skills to land your pellets in the general area you want them to be in, otherwise, you'll just be spraying pellets everywhere like an idiot.

2. Gas Blowback Sniper Rifle

They're an airsoft version of the real thing. They operate somewhat similarly to what you'd find in a real firearm, except with an airsoft gun. They have a spring that is powered by a gas source that is fed into the rifle through the barrel. The power of the spring is what puts extra force into each pellet when it's released from the barrel so it has more effect on where it lands and can be more accurate at longer ranges than their spring-powered counterparts. 

These aren't the most powerful airsoft rifles, but they shoot fast and are very maneuverable.
These are the true sniper rifles. They're different from the other kinds in that they aren't cheap and are actually meant to be accurate at longer ranges. They're also completely mechanical, so you don't need to worry about extra batteries or gas canisters for it to work.

3. DMR Style Sniper Rifle

So what is a DMR gun? A DMR is a weapon system that usually has higher accuracy than your average assault rifle, or at least comparable to those of its time. These are guns that are meant to be used for designated marksmen, which were soldiers or officers who were trained to shoot farther than average soldiers.

They have better barrels and more powerful springs than other weapons are capable of, meaning they get more velocity on each pellet and can reach further targets faster. They also tend to be lighter because they don't have the same heat protection as other rifles. These are the kind of airsoft guns that are usually called sniper rifles because they're closer to real ones than most other airsoft rifles.

4. Bolt Action Sniper Rifle

The best part of any gun is being able to load a new clip into it. Bolt action rifles are definitely the best as far as airsoft guns go. They're what you'd find in a real airsoft sniper rifle, except they're a lot cheaper and aren't meant for military use. The only people who have them are wannabe military men running around in parks with their friends on the weekend.

These things are amazing. What's even more amazing is that they run off of gas canisters instead of spring power, so you actually have to compensate for your shots like a real sniper would. You also get to have all that fun loading the canister into the gun and compressing the power all by yourself, which is always fun if you ask me.

How to Use Airsoft Sniper Rifle?

If you're looking to upgrade your game this season, consider picking up an airsoft sniper rifle! In my experience, it's been one of the most consistently rewarding trades I've made in my airsoft career. If you're just starting out though, there are a few things worth considering before making that decision…

1. Know your Weapon

This seems obvious, but you will be surprised by how many people don't appreciate what they have until they take the time to familiarize themselves with it. Here are a few points to consider:

Rate of Fire - Most spring/bolt action sniper rifles have a considerably slower rate of fire than your standard assault rifle. If you're used to running and gunning, this can be frustrating at first. If you are used to it though, like me, it can be both a blessing and a curse.

Length - Although no airsoft sniper rifle comes with a bipod, it does improve the performance of your weapon. This is because the longer the barrel, and the lower your scope sits on it, the less sway your accuracy will suffer.
7mm Select Match Conversion - This is a good option for people who want to use their sniper rifle in games that require 7.62mm snipers. The conversion does not affect accuracy and can be fitted with an RIS RIS27 or RIS21 mounting system (or a combination of both).

2. Determine Your Role

As a sniper, you will want to be prepared for a defensive role. This means sacrificing your strength as an offensive player in order to be ready for times when the enemy team decides to attack your base. Make sure you are comfortable with this before taking up this position.

3. Gear Up

Unsurprisingly, the right airsoft gear plays a large part in making the most out of your airsoft sniper rifle. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Bipod - An essential for maintaining stability and accuracy. Flick-mounts are more popular because they are easier to install, but most quality bipods will be able to fit onto your RIS rail. Make sure it has the right fittings for your exact rifle. 

Scope - As mentioned earlier, the longer the barrel and lower scope sit on it, the less sway you will experience in accuracy, while a shorter barrel will cause your aim to 'sway' more with every shot. A lower score means you're closer to your target in case you need to defend yourself when under attack from close range too. 

RIS - These allow you to easily customize your gun with whatever accessories you need. If you're a sniper, the most useful will be a bipod (which can be fitted to the RIS), and a rail for attaching your scope.

4. Know Where to Snipe

There are two primary sniper positions:

Behind an object - This allows you to see the enemy without them seeing you but gives them access to several avenues of approach. Depending on the game mode, it may or may not be wise to stand up at all while in this position! 

On top of an object - This makes it harder for the enemy because they can't shoot down and/or up from their angle like they could behind an object. With a little bit of practice, you can quickly switch between these positions to make the most of your range.

5. Try Out Some Sniping Zones

A good way to find these is to simply find a place where there are a lot of hills or other raised areas within earshot of your position. You can then set up on top of it and wait for the enemy team to come for you when they will be forced like them. If they fail to do so, you may get lucky and score several kills before the end of the game!