Have you ever made Nunchucks at home? All by yourself? No? Well, you have missed out the actual fun then. I am the sort of person who finds great comfort and fun in Do It Yourself (DIY) stuff. The first Nunchucks were made by its user himself after getting inspired by a farming tool. 

Nunchucks are basically two sticks made up mostly of wood, metal, and plastic. These two sticks are connected to each other with the help of a chain made up of metal. 

Use of nunchucks is known to have its origins from ancient Japan and have lots of fans in the current era as well, thanks to the famous martial artist, Bruce Lee who is the main reason for their popularity.

The original Nunchucks were not made up of wood, metal or plastic, rather they were made up of two wheat like sticks. Soon, they gained popularity and people from all over the world i.e. Korea, Russia, and Japan started using them. 

The origin of Nunchucks goes back to the time when the first emperor of the Chinese Sung Dynasty named Jiu Hong Jun was defeated by a Mongolian emperor. This emperor took over his estate and Jiu Hong Jun was forced to leave his estate with his soldiers. 

He took refuge in a nearby village and asked his soldiers to help out the villagers in farming. One day he was out on a walk and saw the farming tool that was used by villagers. He immediately went to his hut and asked for a similar tool.

He kept himself locked there and after some days he invented Nunchucks and even devised certain tricks techniques to use in combat against someone. He taught them to his soldiers and soon they marched on his estate to take it back from the Mongolian emperor and succeeded as well. 

The use of Nunchaku in that battle was remarkable. Those Nunchucks were quite long, however, numerous changes have been made to them over the years and the Chuka sticks we see today are much shorter and durable as well. 

So, if you like to play around with such weapons and share the same interest as mine for DIY projects, then let us have a look at how we can make wooden Nunchucks at home in just a few easy steps.

Making Nunchucks in a Few Short Steps

The following are the steps that will help you in making your own Nunchucks at home. Let’s start!

1- Get Wooden Dowels

The first step is to get yourself two dowels made up of wood. If you are unable to find two dowels of the same length, then find one long piece of wood and cut them according to the measurements required. 

The length of each one of them should be equal to the length of your forearm. The thickness of these dowels should be about one point nine to two point five centimeters in diameter i.e. approximately up to one inch. 

You can even color them the way you want or just let them be in their original color. If you color them black, however, they will look more menacing and will definitely be given your opponent a scare than just simple brown ones. 

Make sure that each wooden dowel is at least one foot in length. There is one other factor which you must take into account and that is your own height. As the Nunchucks have to be moved around the body often in their tricks, they have to be long enough to make those turns and moves. 

Otherwise, you won’t be able to pull off those Nunchaku tricks properly. The minimum length of Chuka sticks for a six feet tall person is one foot and for a person taller than six feet is sixteen inches.

2- Get a Rope

The rope which you have to use must be approximately two feet long which is equal to zero point six meters. This length is for a person who is about six feet long or less, however, for people who are taller than six feet, they must get a slightly longer rope. 

It is better to make use of nylon braided rope. If you are unable to get a rope that does not meet your required measurements, then you can buy a long rope and then cut it accordingly. 

Also, making use of a two feet long rope does not mean that you will have a long two feet rope between two ends of Nunchucks, a large portion of this rope is reduced when you tie its both ends with the wooden dowels.

3- Drill a Hole

The third step is pretty easy and you will need the help of a drill machine for this purpose. Take a drill machine and make holes at the top of each dowel from where you will have to pass the rope for tying the knot. 

This hole should go approximately one and a half inches or three point eight centimeters deep into the top of each stick. Use the drill machine which suits the diameter of the wooden dowels.

4- Drill a Smaller Hole

Drill another hole but this time on the side of each Nunchaku. This hole must be smaller than the one which we drilled before. This hole allows you to pass the rope from it and then through the first big hole so that the rope can be tied properly and the wooden dowel does not come out of it. 

The smaller hole should be about one inch from the top point of each Nunchaku.

5- Tie the Rope

The next step is to tie the rope and pass from the hole which we drilled on the side of the wooden dowels. Hold one end of the rope while doing this and then pass it from the hole which we drilled on the top of each Nunchaku. 

After this is done, make a tight and firm knot to secure the Nunchucks in place.

6- Repeat Step 5

Repeat step 5 again but this time with the other Nunchaku. This will tie the knot of the rope on this wooden dowel as well and will secure it in place.

7- Apply Glue

Tying the knot with the rope is just not sufficient considering the fact that these Nunchucks are used to perform lightning-fast moves and smart tricks in combats, practice, and stuff. Glue must be applied on the sides of the knots you made with the rope to secure them properly in place. 

This will prevent the rope from coming out of the Chuka sticks.

8- Let the Glue Dry

The last step is to let the Chuka sticks rest for some time so that the glue dries and secures the knots of the rope. Now, your wooden Nunchucks are all ready to use and you can start practicing with them NOW!

Nunchaku Tricks and Techniques

When the maker of these smart weapons manufactured Nunchucks for the first time, he also devised some remarkable tricks to perform with them. 

Many people nowadays practice these techniques and tricks in martial arts and these tricks have also made these weapons to be exceptional in fights and combats. 

However, a person who does not know how to use Nunchucks must definitely stay away from them, or he/she will just end up hurting himself/herself and those around them as well.

1- The Blocking Technique

The most basic Nunchaku trick is the blocking technique which is the first trick that a beginner should learn as blocking the strikes of your opponent is the most basic element of each fight. 

Blocking helps a person to dodge the attacks of the opponent and avoid injuries as well. The most common blocking techniques are the Overhead Block, the Rear Block, and the Side Block.

2- The Striking Technique

The second most basic technique that is practiced with Nunchucks is the Striking technique. Why would you indulge yourself in a fight if not for attacking anyone? And you must learn the art of striking if you have chosen Nunchaku as your weapon in a fight. 

Striking helps you take down your opponent and the most common Striking techniques are the Vertical Strike, the Horizontal Strike, the Diagonal Strike, and the Vertical Up Strike.

3- Some Other Techniques

There are lots of other techniques as well which people practice nowadays. Some of them fall under the category of tricks meant for novice players, some for medium players and some are much more advanced meant for expert players. 

These advanced Nunchucks tricks and techniques include the Hand Roll Technique, The Figure Eight Technique, The Aerial Technique, Advanced Bounces, Advanced Rolls, Advanced Swings, Passes, and Stances.

So, now you must have gotten a good idea of Nunchucks and how to make them in a few easy steps at home, all by YOURSELF!