How to construct cosplay weapons?

Cosplay weapons are props and accessories used to complete a cosplayer's outfit. These might include swords, lightsabers, guns or any other kind of weapon. The advantages of using some of these items in the first place is that they can provide you with protection at conventions and events where you may not feel safe. 

Some weapons give your costume just the "extra something" it needs to make it come alive. The disadvantages are that if you accidentally put a hole in your costume, no amount of costuming glue will fix it! 

These weapons can be created from paper Mache or foam, stuffed fabric (for guns) or even cardboard tubes for swords and lightsabers. The most common cosplayers use these weapons to depict some type of character they have created, such as a wizard, a ninja or even an astronaut.

Gun kits can be purchased at most toy and hobby stores. Make sure that you have a gun that is suitable for the costume you plan to wear! Other items might include holsters, crossbows, masks and gauntlets.

Construct Your Cosplay Weapons

In the world of cosplay, foam swords and armor sets can be made at home with a couple materials and some time. Follow these instructions to make your own foam cosplay weapons.

Here's what you'll need:

At home - water-based or hobby paint in a range of colors, shaving cream or soap, light coating on plastic wrap for shaping the Foam Weapon (optional), cans (more like bowls) of white school glue.

  • If you want watered down paint for brush-paint techniques, mix 2 parts water to 1 part paint in a saucepan so that it is about the consistency of thin yogurt.
  • If you want thick paint for squeeze-paint techniques, mix 8 parts water to 1 part paint.
  • If you want white foam (cosplay foam sword), place the color of your choice on a pan and apply a light coat of  soap or shaving cream.
  • Apply good covering of water-based paint over the entire item - it's not necessary to apply the bottom part.
  • Apply a thin layer of white school glue to the bottom part of the item.
  • Take out all the air in your item by holding it inside plastic wrap and shape with your hands for at least an hour. After shaping the item, apply a layer of white school glue on the bottom part.
  • If you are making a sword and it has a tip, apply the remaining glue to the tip - on both sides of the tip. You don't have to add glue on the base of your sword just because it's thicker than other parts.
  • If you have any air bubbles or bubbles in your foam cosplay weapons, cut them out and put some white school glue on them to cover. Use a bamboo skewer (or ruler) to push all air bubbles out from underneath and around the foam skeleton.
  • Let it sit for about 5 to 20 minutes (depending on how dense you want your item).

After the surface is dry, take your foam and use a trim knife or utility knife to cut it off. Use a piece of paper to draw the pattern, cut out with scissors and trace on the foam.

With a black marker pen (or sharpie), draw any details that you want. Use a black permanent marker pen (or sharpie) to outline your design. Apply some white school glue here and there as needed. Let it dry overnight (or as long as possible before wearing).

Cosplay weapons

Weapons for Cosplay: Different Categories

As well as carrying dangerous items in your bag if you are worried about your safety at conventions, there are also some other concerns when using cosplay weapons in public. 

They can be difficult to keep on your person and you may have to wear a backpack or fanny pack. You may also have to deal with the people around you who just don't understand what your costume is about and try to take it all in.

Wherever possible, cosplayers should always try not to carry anything dangerous in public, and for items like weapons it is best not to bring them if you can possibly avoid it. Cosplaying weapons should be left at home when you go out in public dressed as a character from the movies or video games.

There are many different kinds of these weapons that are used by different types of cosplayers.  For example, you will find lots of different types of swords to carry as a cosplay tool. 

Some do not have sharp edges and are safe to carry. Others are made of metal and look very realistic, but they can be very dangerous and can hurt you or someone else if you fall on them or try to take them out in public.

  • Cosplay Swords

What are cosplay swords? Swords worn by a cosplayer as part of their costume. Basically, a way to make your costume more authentic and cost efficient.

Cosplay sword

The time-consuming process of creating a cosplay sword is highly sought after by experienced builders who are looking for the next challenge. Swords can take days or weeks to design, hand craft, and polish. 

The most rewarding part about making these cosplay weapons is giving them away at the convention you attend. When you carry your sword around with you throughout the day it will get the attention of other cosplayers wondering how they could make their own!  There is also an aspect of competition when it comes to building swords.

  • Cosplay Masks

A cosplay mask is an article of clothing worn on the head to cover the face, most often used while in costume as a fictional character. Cosplay masks are often made of rubber, plastic, or cloth. The designs are typically simple and cartoonish with few features. They may be colored white or off-white for aesthetic purposes.

Cosplay mask

These cosplay weapons are typically made of a flexible material like latex, silicone, or urethane that has been molded over a human face. People usually make these masks either for fun and enjoyment or to be worn at conventions. Fun cosplay mask ideas can include anything from monkeys to superheroes. 

Cosplay masks have also been known to help people with breathing difficulties during asthma attacks because they can be molded in such a way as to create an airtight seal around the nose and mouth that would otherwise not be present without the mask. The use of masks in this way is called the Valsalva maneuver.

  • Cosplay Body Armor

Cosplay armor provides the perfect way for any cosplayer to customize their costume and create a design all their own.  The materials and equipment used to make medieval armor can vary greatly. 

Medieval armor

The purpose of using them is not only to make the character you’re portraying look as realistic as possible, but also to keep you safe while pretending. There are various ways of obtaining the materials needed to make these weapons. 

Cosplay Armor may not be the same as what is used in Hollywood films, but it's a great way for fans of any particular movie or character to dress up just like their favorite hero without having to spend all the money required for real high-quality costumes.

Meet Your Costume Needs With Cosplay Weapons

The term ‘cosplay’ is a word that comes from combining the words 'costume' and 'play'. When participants engage in this type of activity they may refer to themselves as cosplayers; or simply put on "a mask." The original purpose was for people to dress up as their favorite characters...

Cosplay sets the standard for what defines an effective and accurate costume, so it is quite common that those who are interested tend to have their own version of what these costumes should entail. Many times, this means replicating a weapon or protective gear from the time period in which their character originated. 

They may also have an armor set or accessories such as cosplay weapons made specifically for them, giving them much more freedom with how they can use their clothing and costume than someone playing a historical character might have had access to.