How to choose tactical gear

Tactical gear is a type of clothing, footwear, and equipment that is worn in order to work and play in demanding conditions. This gear is important when you are going for hunting and camping trips. The equipment is grounded in SWAT, military, and police use for situations that require heavy duty clothing, footwear, and hardware. It is not uncommon for this gear to double as protective outdoor gear.

This gear can be separated into three main categories: tactical clothing & footwear; equipment & accessories; and knives, tools & weapons. Tactical clothing covers jackets, pants, shirts, boots or shoes etc., while tactical footwear covers boots or shoes etc.

Equipment includes items like binoculars or knives etc., which are used by some people for hunting purposes for example (by observing the prey from a distance), whereas weapons may also refer to knives (which are used by some people during hunting).

Tactical backpack

Major Categories of Tactical Gear

Tactical gear is a term used to describe an array of clothing and accessories that are designed for use in tactical situations or by military personnel.

This can be broadly classified into four categories: 

  1. Footwear 
  2. Clothes 
  3. Pouches and Equipment Carriers 
  4. Specialty Items

  • Footwear

The first is footwear. Tactical boots were originally designed for military combat, however they have been adopted by police officers and firefighters who need the durability of a tactical boot. Fashion footwear companies have also released their own versions which provide the same high quality materials at much lower prices.

  • Clothes

The second category is clothes. Tactical pants are loose fitting pants with pockets that are not seen on ordinary cargo pants. Tactical shirts are also loose fitting shirts, often with larger breast pockets and larger buttons. These clothes were designed for military use but have become everyday wear for many people.

  • Pouches and Equipment

Pouches and equipment carriers are the third category of tactical gear. Equipment carriers hold smaller items such as flashlights and knives, while pouches are the bags that hold ammunition or supplies such as water bottles or first aid kits. 

Tactical gear pouch

  • Specialty Items

Finally there is specialty tactical gear which includes everything from smoke grenades to night vision goggles to ear protection. Customization and options are endless when it comes to this gear.

Reasons to Carry Tactical Gear

With endless options, there are endless reasons to wear this gear and invest in a custom piece. The possibilities are nearly endless with various designers creating new silhouettes, colors and fabrics. 

Customizability is the most important factor for this gear which allows you to choose colors that suit your personality while also offering you freedom of choice in the amount of decoration. At the end of the day, however, it's just a piece of clothing and if that's not enough then you can always upgrade to something better!

There are a variety of websites online where people can purchase a wide range of this gear such as military surplus stores and online retailers, however there are others who create their own products.

If you’re a skilled professional in need of a tactical backpack to carry your equipment, then this list of reasons will help convince you why these products are worth carrying around.

  • Cops and military personnel use them to have important equipment with them at all times.
  • Law enforcement officers have other uses such as medic kits, handcuffs, pepper spray, batons and even rifles!
  • Military personnel also use tactical backpacks for their longer missions that can take weeks or months. They need to be able to change clothes in the field if necessary and keep essential items close at hand so they don't have to run back or forth from the vehicle all day long.
  • You can also find a wide variety of medical bags designed for use by EMTs, doctors or even in the event of an emergency at home.
  • You’ll find a selection adaptable for all situations, no matter if you are skiing, mountain biking or if you have to deal with floods due to weather conditions.
  • Will be very easy to carry when you have to run away from something dangerous.
  • Tactical backpacks made by different brands offer different styles, designs and specialties according to your needs.

Best Tactical Gear to Carry

1. Waterproof Phone Case

A waterproof phone case is one that protects a smartphone from water, shock, sand and other elements. It is sometimes also known as a "waterproof pouch". The user or owner of a waterproof phone case can be confident their device will not let out any water when submerged. 

When purchasing a waterproof phone case for your smartphone, make sure it includes layers of flexible materials such as silicone and rubber to ensure the best protection for your device. 

2. Broadhead Storage Case

A broadhead storage case is a bag that is used by deer hunters to store their broadheads. It is a specially designed case that can be attached to the deer stand and allows for very easy access. They are usually made from heavy-duty plastic, as it does not break or shatter when dropped on hard surfaces like some other materials do. 

This type of tactical gear generally has enough room for a hunter's entire selection of broadheads at one time, including those that are stowed in sheaths (those with blades like those used on self-defense weapons). Hunters who want to use the same case for rifle ammunition can also attach it to their stands and keep their cartridges in there as well.

3. Waterproof Dry Bags

A waterproof dry bag is a great way to keep your gear dry in even the most inclement conditions. These bags keep all of your gear safe and secure for use in a variety of situations, with a rating up to 3,000 pounds. They come with straps that you can use to attach them onto tents or backpacks. 

Dry bag

These bags are highly durable, resistant against UV rays and other forms of damage, and they're designed to keep you safe in extreme conditions such as tornadoes, hurricanes, or flooding. The way that they are structured allows you to clearly see what is inside of your dry bag without having to take everything out,

They feature a leak proof zipper system that doesn't let moisture in even when it can be poured on it. The seal also allows protrusions to stick out of the bag, so you can use them as handles for when you need to carry them.

They are made from PVC-free materials and high quality nylon fabrics that make these bags durable and comfortable for long-term use. You'll appreciate these factors when your tactical gear starts getting wet or drenched because the zip won't get stuck or break like it often does with plastic bags.

4. Log Carrier Bags

A heavy duty log carrier bag is one of the most amazing tactical gear that can transport logs for a major construction project. It has a large capacity with multiple loops and straps, making it easy to carry. This bag is designed with a rigid plastic frame that allows the workman to carry the logs with ease. 

Log carrier bag

The reinforced bottom panel of this bag offers good load bearing capacity while the sturdy handles provide better carrying comfort than traditional bags. It also offers excellent durability due to its heavy duty manufacturing process and high quality materials used in its construction. These bags are lightweight and water resistant, helping to protect your equipment from different weather conditions including rain or snowfall.

5. Leather Holster Belt

A leather holster belt is a belt that has a buckle and loops for holstering. Leather holsters are usually strong and dependable, especially when it comes to safety. Leather holsters are most likely a popular choice for gun belts because of its durability and strength. 

Shorthand for brown leather, this material is also used in other areas of the world including Europe. A holster belt serves as a holster to hold firearms on the belt, pockets, or under clothing. This tactical gear can also be used to protect from scratches and wear and tear from metal-on-metal contact when wearing it on metal items such as jewelry or knives. 

This makes it an even more popular choice in industries such as law enforcement and military fields that require holders to be strapped around their waist while they're engaged in dangerous work activities like shooting weapons often.

Carry Versatile Tactical Gear

This tactical gear is popular due to its versatility, whether you are law enforcement, military or civilian, this can be utilized to incorporate multiple pieces of equipment into one system. The ability to have a single carrier for your flashlight, handgun and other accessories is a nice time saver. 

However it also eliminates the need for various bags which make you less likely to forget something essential. This gear can be worn for both work and casual purposes so anyone can incorporate it into their everyday life without appearing overly tactical.