How Old You Have to be to Play Airsoft

The term "airsoft" was coined by a Japanese company called Tokyo Marui (later changed to Tokyo Marui Co. Ltd.) in the early 1980s. The word "air" was due to its similarity with air guns, while the suffix -softer was used because it is meant to mean quieter shooting compared to BB guns and pellet rifles. 

Airsoft has since been designated as the generic term for all non-powered spring-powered guns that shoot plastic projectiles. It is a game for recreational purposes and requires specific safety gear to play, including protective clothing, face masks to protect from a facial injury, and goggles to protect from an eye injury. Airsoft participants are often known as "airsofters" or "airsofters/players".

The most popular formats are outdoor games played on makeshift fields. CQB (close-quarter battle) airsoft games are mostly played indoors in spaces such as warehouses, abandoned schools, or offices. The set of rules for CQB airsoft is less strict than that for outdoor games, however, the aim is usually to use a smaller weapon and not hit other participants.

Basic Criteria for Playing Airsoft

Airsoft is a sport in which players try to eliminate each other or capture the flag. Unlike paintball, airsoft guns use plastic pellets that are shot out of the gun at high velocities. Since most of the techniques used in airsoft depend on stealth and shooting without being seen, there are some major rules required before beginners can compete: 

  • AEGs must have an FPS of less than 350
  • Must wear full face protection
  • All magazines must be emptied at the start of gameplay 
  • Guns may not be modified for gameplay (i.e. adding RIS)
  • You must be at least 13 years old


Airsoft guns and rifles may only be bought and sold by licensed players. Airsoft guns can be modified by adding accessories, such as flashlights or lasers, but they must still remain white, black, and unaltered in color.

  • Limit for AEGs

The use of an AEG or electric airsoft guns with a spring-loaded firing pin or automatic firing mechanism is illegal. There are two options available to players looking to use these airsoft guns: 1) remove the mechanisms, or 2) wear a piece of tape over the fire button in order to prevent the gun from firing when the trigger is pressed. 

AEGs must be less than 350 FPS with .3g BBs and under. The AEG may not have a trigger that can activate the firing mechanism without the player releasing it. The AEG must be semi-automatic and cannot emulate automatic firing capability. The AEG does not need to be limited to just one type of magazine, but standard magazines are recommended.

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  • Players Should Wear Protective Gear

Airsoft players should always wear some type of protective gear when shooting in a game. These types of gear are plastic body protection and face masks. Face protection is recommended for all players as it can prevent serious injuries to both eyes and nose if you get shot by accident (the rubber bullets used are very hard). 

The players are only allowed to carry this gear during the game. If a player is found to have ammo on them outside of the game, they will be kicked out of the site and banned from playing there again.


  • Airsoft Games must be Played in an Enclosed Field

Airsoft games must be played in an enclosed field that is planted with some type of bushes, grass, or trees in order to provide cover for the players. 

There are no limitations as to what size field can be used. If a player would like to play outdoors and has no choice but to use a small field, they can always build their own bush/hiding spot using large cardboard boxes or hanging sheets from trees.

  • Possession or Discharge of Live Ammunition is Illegal

Airsoft guns are made from plastic, but they still look like real guns and can cause serious injuries if the players do not treat them with respect. The players who fire their airsoft sniper rifles out of an airsoft site will find themselves facing serious charges (carrying a fake gun around in public is illegal). 

As for the possession of live ammunition, it is illegal for a person to carry live ammo inside an airsoft site. In fact, any player caught with live ammo will be kicked out of the game immediately because it presents a danger to other players.

  • Airsoft Requires a Specific Age

This article is going to talk about the best age range to begin playing airsoft, along with the equipment and accessories you should use. There are some things you should know before going into airsoft that I would like to cover first before getting into the list of age groups. 

First, airsoft weapons are categorized as either spring or electric blowback rifles. In general, electric blowback rifles shoot more accurately than a standard barrel spring rifle but they also cost significantly more due to their advanced technology; this also applies to other accessories such as masks, holsters, and magazines. 


Other than that, spring airsoft rifles are cheaper in general and you can use them for any age group. Spring airsoft guns are not that different from the real thing, in fact, you'll find that many kids below 10 will actually be able to use these without any problems. But for your child’s safety, it is recommended that they play with airsoft guns at least at the age of 13 or more. 

Your child can start out with a standard airsoft gun which is the cheapest and most basic and is also very simple to take apart and repair if it does break. As for magazines, you don't need a high-capacity magazine for your basic spring airsoft gun but if your kid wants better performance then you should get at least 150 rounds of BBs into the magazine (more would obviously be better).

Airsoft Guns for Self Defense?

We have seen a recent increase in sales of airsoft guns and replicas as people look for ways to protect themselves. Have you ever considered using an airsoft gun as a self-defense weapon? 

You might not be familiar with the term ‘airsoft’, but these guns are used by many across the world in combat games and in certain parts of law enforcement. However, not everyone knows about the benefits of using airsoft pistols for self-defense. You might need it during a situation when you cannot defend yourself with your arms, or you can even use an airsoft gun in target shooting. Consider these points and decide today!

Though not everyone can use an airsoft gun for self-defense, it is still the most effective defensive weapon you can have! If you have a real gun, you would be looking at spending thousands of dollars to get it. However, if you choose to buy a replica and use it as your defense weapon occasionally, then that will be a more affordable option.

Airsoft Safety Concerns

The primary safety precaution for both the player and other players is to only fire at opponents who are able to shoot back. Since most of the gameplay in an airsoft match relies on stealth, players must also wear protective gear such as full plastic face masks and goggles.

A secondary concern is that since airsoft guns are replicas, they can be modified with accessories such as flashlights or lasers that can cause their batteries to be dislodged while playing. To avoid injury, players must remove their batteries and place them in a bag or box while playing a match.

Since these guns are similar to real firearms in appearance, they can also be a danger to children as they may be confused with a real firearm. To prevent accidental fires, players must wear protection such as full plastic face masks, goggles, and gloves and not leave guns loaded unattended.

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