Highlander sword is a common term you would hear from sword enthusiasts these days. This is actually a sword which has a massive fan base around the world. In fact, this sword has become more popular than any other sword in the market. 

Generally, a highlander sword is the sword of a fictional character, the Highlander. The highlander was a Scottish, and his name was Connor MacLeod. The name “highlander” is given to him because he belonged to the Highlands in Scotland. 

In this article, we are exploring the story behind this magnificent sword. We will also determine the significance of the character MacLeod and his legacy. In addition, we discuss the popularity of this sword and the reasons behind it i-e the movies, TV shows and the animated series. 

Who is Connor MacLeod?

Connor MacLeod is the person who held the legendary highlander sword. The whole story revolves around this character and his sword. In all the movies and animated series, the person portraying this character is Christopher Lambert. 

Connor was born in Glenfinnan in 1518 in Scotland. He is the final immortal and a protagonist. He lived near the shores of Loch Shiel. The story finally leads to the greatest event, the Gathering where Connor was the only person remaining. 

What describes Connor is his bravery, and his swordship. He has an immense level of skills to handle and use his highlander sword. This sword played a fundamental role in defending him against his rivals and letting him achieve his goal. 

So, Connor is the Highlander who is the main character of this story. He is the superhero who has earned a spot in the people’s heart. And the highlander sword has become popular due to this character. Enthusiast love to have this real sword in their collection just to express their love for the character! 

The Highlander Movies Series

There are three movies on Highlander, including the Highlander (part 1), the Highlander II (the Quickening), and the Highlander III (the Sorcerer). These movies can be called three different seasons. 

All three movies have different plot, but the main character remains the same. However, there are slight differences in other characters and the overall stories. 

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In other words, one can say that the next parts were the continuity of the movie. The first part ended with the most significant event, the Gathering in 1985, where Connor, the owner of the legendary Highlander sword finally defeated Krugan and became immortal. 

In the second part, the movie resumed from 1990s and continued till another Prize when Connor dethroned the Shield. In the third part, Connor battled with Kane and won the prize. But, now he was truly mortal. 

The Highlander TV Series

The Highlander TV series continued with slight variations to the story. The highlight of this series was the addition of Duncan MacLeod to the story.

Duncan MacLeod was another immortal from the clan of Connor. He accompanies Connor throughout the series. 

“Highlander - The Series” was a continued TV show on the Highlander. This series had a controversial end as Connor parted ways with Duncan and suddenly disappeared. He never showed up again till the end, but was just mentioned a few times by Duncan. 

The TV series then led to “Highlander - Endgame”. This was supposed to be the final chapter unless an animated series was released on the Highlander. 

In the Endgame, Connor and Duncan fought with two Highlander swords. You can find sword of Duncan as well as sword of Connor in the market. They defeated a powerful immortal known as Jacob Kell. The series ended with Connor finally departing and enabling Duncan to slay Kell. 

The final scenes displayed Connor being buried next to his wife in the Highlands. 

The Highlander Animated Series

The animated series came up with different story that advanced from the TV series that ended with the endgame. The character in this series were pretty different. 

Also, there was a slightly different story. Connor was defeated by another immortal Kortan. However, a new character Quentin MacLeod appeared as the hero to slay Kortan. 

The Legendary Story of the Highlander

Though there are different stories that were continued in the shape of films, TV series and animated series. But, enthusiasts believe that the first part of the movie was actually the real story. 

It is believed that the stories after the first part was just a continuity, but the original story as the most inspiring. 

This is one of the reasons why the highlander sword from the first part of the movie is the most popular sword of Connor Macleod. 

And yes, the original story was the legendary story, and quite inspiring too. And it is worth sharing the story with you. 

Connor MacLeod, the highlander, was an immortal character who lived in a civilization in which both mortals and immortals lived together. They were living under the rule of General Katana, an immortal dictator. 

General Katana was an evil character. However, Ramirez, another character from the civilization opposed him. He started a movement against Katana and that movement eventually led to a rebellion. 

Rammirez had a few magical powers but he did not have the power to defeat Katana. However, he realized that Connor Macleod is the one who has the ability to defeat him. Hence, he made Connor the leader of that rebellion movement against Katana. 

Ramirez often helped Connor and became his teacher. At the early phase, the rebellion against the evil Katana failed. Even the great highlander sword could not stand a chance against him. 

As a result, Connor and Ramirez were exiled by the Priests. Ramirez remained there to assist Connor till his last battle with Krugan at the Gathering. 

Krugan was another evil character and Connor had to defeat him to win “The Prize”. The whole story concludes at the Gathering where Connor managed to defeat Krugan and won the prize. 

So, this is the prize around which the story revolves. Ramirez was dead before Connor won the prize. Also, his beloved wife Heather died a natural death. After all, she was a mortal character. 

So, this was the story that inspires enthusiasts to get a highlander sword in their arsenal. With the sword, they can pay tribute to their hero and express their love for Connor Macleod. 

The Highlander Swords!

Though it is the story of the Highlander which is the most inspiring, but the highlander swords have also emerged as inspiring for enthusiasts. They love to get these swords just to maintain a nice collection and pay tribute to their hero. 

Today, there is a great collection of highlander swords available in the market. These are actually the replica swords that look identical to the ones displayed in the market. Following are some masterpieces that we have brought to you:

  • Highlander Two Handed Movie Replica Sword

This is a two handed sword that appeared in the first ever movie, the Highlander. This is a lovely sword with a handle that makes it easy to hold and easy to control. This is an iconic sword often seen in the hands of Connor Macleod. 

The specialty of this sword is that it is massive. We’re talking about a sword with an almost 38 inches long blade. It is made of 420 stainless steel and is  real sword. One can say that this sword is for real warriors. 

  • 1st Generation Duncan Macleod Highlander Sword

This is a sword from the Highlander TV series. Duncan Macleod was another member of the Highlands. He was an immortal and quite significant character of this series. This sword is a replica of Duncan Macleod sword. 

This sword has a fantastic design, and a real enthusiast would never miss to add this into his collection. There is a dragon mouth design on the handle. We’re sure the fans of this series would recognize this sword pretty easily. 

  • Handmade Full Tang Connor MacLeod Highlander Sword

This is indeed a masterpiece. Whether you are a fan of the Highlander swords or not, you must have this sword in your collection. This is the loveliest sword on this list. It is a handmade sword and has the ultra premium quality. 

Highlander Sword is a Treat For Every Enthusiast & Collector!

If you're a fan of the Highlander, these Highlander swords deserve a place in your arsenal. Enrich your collection with one of these swords as you can make the following uses of it:

A Halloween Costume

One of these Highlander swords can be used as a Halloween costume. If you want to dress up like the Highlander to impress your mates, use this sword as a part of your costume. Nothing else you need to describe yourself as a legend like the Highlander. So why not? A great costume idea is a Highlander sword! 

A Piece of Decor

Make your home or office a lovely place with a Highlander sword. You can use it as a piece of decor. It often comes with a wall plaque. Hence, you can hang it or display it along the wall. If not, you can simply place it in a display cabinet!

A Training Sword

A Highlander sword made of wood can be used as a training sword. It comes in foam as well but a wooden sword is perfect for practicing the art of swordsmanship. You would enjoy practicing with a wooden Highlander sword in a safe manner. 

An Antique in Your Collection

A lovely Highlander sword can be an antique in your collection. Fill your collection with one of these swords to impress your mates. We bet you will have the most appreciable antique collection!

A Cosplay Weapon

Last but not the least, you can use your Highlander sword as a cosplay weapon.  A wooden or foam sword or a steel sword with an unsharpened blade can be used in cosplay to ensure safety of your fellow cosplayers. It can be your Highlander costume to play a Highlander on stage! 

The Final Word!

So, this was our legendary highlander sword and the entire story behind it. One can easily identify why people are crazy for these swords. Yes, they love to replicate the great character of Highlander. 

Highlander swords are popular among enthusiasts and cosplayers. Cosplayers often become Connor Macleod on stage and to fulfill their costume needs, they hold these swords. These swords complete the costumes.