G25A K Warrior Metal Airsoft Spring Pistol With Red Dot Laser

G25A K Warrior Metal Airsoft Spring Pistol With Red Dot Laser
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The g25A K Warrior is a full scale replica airsoft handgun that comes with a Barrel Extension and a red dot laser.
As with all of the pistols from galaxy they are made of full metal with the exception of the black grip and trigger thats made of plastic and they are all spring powered bb guns, the G25A grips have a comfortable, anti slip texture.
The Zinc Alloy Shell makes it feel solid and it has a nice easy grip trigger and the mag is also metal and the gun its self is painted in a black finish.
The gun has a working safety and a small rail on the under side of the barrel that includes the laser sight. It also includes the Barrel Extension which gives it a little more fps.
The magazine can store up to 14 BBs. On testing this gun was very accurate and powerful with .20 BBS It comes with a small pack of 0.12 pellets in the box.

  • 1:1 Scale
  • Spring powered pistol
  • Full Metal
  • Fires Single shot only
  • fixed hop up
  • Length: 8.5 Inches
  • Muzzle velocity: ~200 FPS
  • Propulsion: spring
  • Manufacturer: Galaxy
  • Magazine capacity: 14 rounds
In the box:
  • Small pack of pellets 0.12g
  • The gun
  • magazine
  • Barrel Extension
  • laser sight and batteries

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