We are sometimes amazed to see how many types of knives we have now. There was a time, we used to think of a knife as just a tool used in the kitchen for cutting work. 

However, today, there is a diverse variety of knives and each of them serves a different purpose. There are knives for utility work, and then there are combat knives. 

Meanwhile, there are knives that can serve all these purposes single handedly. One of these knives is the stiletto knife. Yes, the Italian stiletto!

This knife is regarded as one of the badass knives that originally served as a weapon for silent killing. But, it was later transformed into a self defense knife, and now it is being used as an all-rounder knife which serves multiple purposes. 

Today, we shall specifically focus on stiletto knife. We will explore it’s history, design, features, types and a short buying guide for the modern users. So, let’s get to the explanation!

How Does a Stiletto Knife Look Like?

Simply putting it, stiletto knife looks like a real dagger. It has a shape of a dagger, but keep in mind, it is just a knife. 

However, there is a close resemblance to a dagger due to its long, thin and pointed blade. There is a sharp tip on the blade which makes it a great thrusting knife. 

Stiletto looks like a powerful fighting knife. And yes, it was a real fighting weapon, the one that was handy in close quarter combat.


History of Stiletto Knife

Stiletto knives hails from Italy. It was used by the gamblers or criminals for silent killing and looting people in the streets of Italy. 

However, the history is more associated with the World Wars. Stiletto served as a primary as well as secondary fighting weapon during the First and Second World Wars. 

Since stiletto was a dagger-like knife, it was useful in a close quarter combat. It was hard to disarm. The user could have a great control and grip on the knife. In a close quarter, it was extremely handy with such features. 

Also, stiletto had a needle-like point on the blade which allowed it to penetrate deeply into the body. Hence, the soldiers could inflict serious wounds to their enemies. 

After the Second World War, stiletto knife was considered more a utility knife. Folding blade stilettos and stiletto switchblades became popular around the world. 

Features of Stiletto Knife

- A Pointed Blade

The most significant feature of a stiletto knife is its pointed blade. The blade always has a sharp point or a tip at the bottom. 

It is not necessary that it is edge-less. At times, there are edges on the blade while sometimes there aren’t. But, there is always that needle like point on the blade. 

- Long and Slender Blade

A stiletto always has a long and thin blade. We’re talking about a knife that resembles an old-fashioned fighting dagger. 

There is a slender blade and is often very long. Generally, it is longer than the blades possessed by other commonly used knives. 

- Deep Penetration Ability

Since stiletto knife is somewhat different from other knives. It has certain distinctive abilities. It isn’t just an effective stabbing, thrusting and s;lashing knife, it has the ability to penetrate deeply into the body. 

This is what makes it a handy combat knife. You can inflict long term injuries to your opponent with this knife. And also, don’t forget the immense strength of the blade. 

- A Dagger-like Handle

Since this knife is a bit like dagger, other than the blade, the handle of the knife also gives a look of a dagger. 

The old fashioned daggers and swords had the handles like these. Today’s stilettos have a slightly different handle, but the earliest ones looked almost like fighting daggers and short swords. 

Uses of Stiletto Knife

- Close Quarter Combat

The fundamental use of a stiletto knife was fighting the enemies. It was specifically designed as a close quarter combat knife. It is easy to handle and offers a good grip. 

The blade can cause severe injuries. So, in a combat situation, there is no better weapon than this. 

And remember, it served as a primary or secondary fighting weapon during the World Wars. It is a useful stabbing weapon and difficult to disarm. 

- Utility Cutting

Stiletto knife is now being used for utility cutting work. For this purpose, the modern version of stiletto is used. 

The modern stiletto is smaller than the traditional version. The blade is also smaller and is available in the foldable shape. This makes it easy to carry and useful for getting utility cutting work done with ease. 

- Self Defense

Since stiletto is a fighting and combat knife, it can be extremely handy for self defense. We are referring to current situations where attackers tend to victimize people. 

In such situations, brawls often take place between the attacker and the defender. The defender can survive if he has a knife like stiletto. 

Stiletto is impossible to disarm and the user has a great grip on it. It does not matter whether you have a fixed blade or folding blade stiletto. You can pull it out and use the blade to stab and thrust, and inflict serious injuries to the attacker. 

This is how you can defend yourself and survive against the attackers with the help of this dagger-like knife. 

- EDC Tool

The general impression of a stiletto knife is that it is not something we can carry on a daily basis. But, it was somewhat true for the old-fashioned, massive stilettos. 

Modern stiletto is a smaller and easy to carry knife. The main reason is that it is now available in a folding blade version. 

Don’t expect it to be excellent for precise cuts. But, it does let you do some routine cutting work with ease. 

Yes, you can use it for cutting and peeling fruits, cutting ropes and wires, tightening screws, opening packages and cans, and much more. So, it can be a handy everyday carry tool as well. 

Two Key Versions of Stiletto Knife

1. Fixed Blade Stiletto

Basically, there are two versions of a stiletto knife. One is the fixed blade and the other is folding blade version. 

A fixed blade stiletto is the traditional version of the knife. The earliest ones had powerful and giant fixed blades. 

Even today, you will find a large range of fixed blade stiletto knives available in the market. This is mainly used for combat and fighting. 

A few carry it for self defense, but they are carried with a leather sheath put on the blade. These are not the easiest to carry knives. But, they are extremely powerful. 

2. Folding Blade Stiletto

The other version, or we can say that the modern version of stiletto knife is the foldable stiletto. This knife is slightly smaller compared to older versions and with a shorter blade. 

Most importantly, the knife features a blade that can be folded inside the handle. And when the blade is folded, the overall size of the knife is further reduced. 

You can pull the blade to fold and then there is a locking system which locks the blade into the handle. Hence, the blade can’t be moved unless you unlock it. 

This modern version of stiletto is easier to carry. The main purpose of this version is to get the utility tasks done. 

Moreover, it is also adopted as a self defense weapon in the US. With the ease of carrying it, people are eager to use it as their EDC tool for routine cutting work.


The Modernized Stiletto Switchblade

When we talk about stiletto knife, how can we miss the stiletto switchblade? This is by far the best version of stiletto. 

We regard it as an advanced and modernized stiletto knife. And we know it as a switchblade. 

A switchblade is a foldable knife, but it features a push button which allows you to open the blade at once. 

If you are using a stiletto switchblade, the greatest advantage you will have is the speed of opening the blade. 

As you push the button, the blade opens right away. For closing it, you need to pull it back yourself and then it is locked in a folded position. 

Stiletto switchblade became popular in the later 1950s. This was the time when switchblades came to picture. These were also known as automatic knives due to their quick and automatic opening mechanism. 

Switchblades are frequently used today for battling the attackers. They are not just easy to carry due to their foldability, they are also quick. 

In a self defense situation, you need a knife that can open quickly. And there is no quick weapon than this. Just by pushing a button, you can open the blade at once. Therefore, you can quickly get ready to face the attacker. 

Furthermore, stiletto switchblade can also be used for daily carry and utility cutting. Overall, it is one of the best knives ever produced. 

What to Look for When Buying a Stiletto Knife Today?

Today, stiletto knife is not supposed to be used for close quarter combat. Yes, it can be used as a self defense weapon, a utility knife and an EDC tool. 

Hence, we find no reason to prefer a fixed blade stiletto, But, if you are a fan of powerful blades, you can definitely go for the fixed blades. 

But, a stiletto switchblade must be the preferred option in any case. It is by far the most useful knife manufactured. 

Stiletto switchblade is easier to carry due to its fold-ability. It is quick because you just need to push a button to deploy the blade at once. 

And finally, there is a sturdy blade that can be used against the attackers, and for cutting work. 

To sum up, you need to consider your needs before you buy a stiletto knife. But regardless of needs, your choice has to be the stiletto switchblade.