A hidden blade is a device with a sharp, tapered tip inserted into a glove's wrist. The hidden blade used in knuckle dusters is usually hollow, and often opens with a button or trigger to release the claw-like tip for cutting. This can be worn underneath standard gloves, or it can be sewn into one's glove’s fabric. It was invented mainly for assassins and other mercenary purposes due to its ability to allow concealed weapons usage under normal circumstances.

The first known use of a concealed blade was in 1587 when the Italian poet and adventurer Giovanbattista Della Porta revealed in his book "Magia Naturalis" how to make a glove with a folding knife. The weapon shown is believed to be one of the first examples of what can be called an “assassin’s knife”, as he later pointed out its use in assassinations. This has appeared in various forms of media, including movies, television shows, video games, and books.

In the movie ", the Hidden Blade is portrayed as a wrist-mounted gauntlet that can also be used to fire a small projectile. It is first seen in the film when Desmond uses one to escape from Abstergo Industries with his father, following the first use of the Animus machine (which was strapped onto his chest). Later on in the movie, it is shown that he can deploy several blades at once.

Hidden Blade Types

Knives are a basic component of culture, whether it is for hunting or cooking. But how many of us would be able to slip one in our pocket and walk out the door? If you're interested in carrying your knife around with you but want something more discreet than a traditional blade, here are some types of hidden blades that may be better suited for your needs.

  • Folding Knives

The most obvious types of hidden blades are folding knives with the way they fold up into the body of the knife itself. These knives have either an opening mechanism on the blade or a pocket clip that can hold them inside their blade housing. The smallest of these cool pocket knives are made for everyday carry, putting them in the same size range as a regular pocket knife. 

The typical blade length is around three inches with thicknesses ranging from half an inch to an inch. The more hidden the blade, the thinner it will be. These types of blades will open on both sides, making it possible to have a sharpened point with a split-type opening mechanism. However, some of these knives can be harder to open and close due to their size and design.

  • Invisible Knife

Another hidden blade type is called the "invisible knife," which is a sticker or decal attached to an unsuspecting object such as a pen, phone, or wallet. The sticker is designed with a double-sided silicon edge that is extremely sharp and thin enough to be undetectable.

When in place on your belongings, this blade can be easily removed and quickly used to puncture anything ranging from boxes to clothing. The more creative you get with these types of bladers the harder they will be to detect and the less likely they are to be confiscated by security personnel.

  • Belt Buckle Knife

A third type of hidden blade is hidden in straps such as a watch strap or belt buckle. There are literally hundreds of available models on the market, ranging from very expensive trench knives and tactical watches to less than a dollar. Most of these blades will be undetectable with their design and function, however, some may still be found by police or security personnel.

The only time that these blades are likely to be found is if they're taken off someone and searched. In some instances, this will result in the security personnel confiscating the items, especially if there's no reason for you to have them.

One final note worth mentioning about a belt buckle knife is that quite a few of these blades are illegal to carry in most jurisdictions, but finding one online shouldn't be difficult. If you don't mind the risk of getting caught with one of these concealed weapons, they can make an excellent addition to your everyday arsenal.

Use of Hidden Blade in Combat

These blades were used throughout history in combat, often against unsuspecting opponents. The blades can be concealed up the sleeves of the robe and quickly drawn to strike. Some reports by Arabic military leaders as far back as the 12th century BC claim that some warriors would drill holes in their scabbards so they could be attached to a belt or bandolier, thereby hiding them under their clothes but still keeping them close at hand.

The Ottoman Empire was a pinnacle of such tactics, with elite Janissaries trained to use specialized thrusting swords called yataghans. They wore robes called circulars which were buttoned close to the neck and sleeves. The sleeves were left open and loose to allow for ease of movement but still hid the blade from view.

Another tactic was to pin a knife under the foot or heel of the boot and then kick it into the target's face. Some warriors would even carry a hidden blade in their teeth (some Janissaries are known to have had long tushes). This style of combat was described as "the bite at his face" by poet Robert Southwell.

Use of Hidden Blade in Movies

It is very hard to be successful in the game Assassins Creed without using your hidden blade. A key element of the game is taking out enemies without them knowing you are there. You can't just take a dagger and stab someone, you have to kill people quietly which means that you need a weapon that won't draw attention. 

The blade doesn't have to be super shiny or obvious, it just needs to work well enough and quick enough so that it can kill the target before they realize what happened and call for help. Every choice in this game comes with a consequence, whether it's an ally or a target. That is why I was thinking that maybe this blade is no longer needed if people are too set in their ways. 

It might be predictable and simple to kill someone, which means there won't be a need for the blade anymore if a sword isn't strong enough. The blade might also not be as effective if it doesn't come at the right time and you don't have to worry about weakening yourself with it. The key point I'm trying to drive home here is that these methods are based on logic and are things I have thought about before being unable to find any proof of their validity. 

But I know that the game Assassin's Creed is based on history and if you know anything about history then it will make sense. Through some of my research, I found that many assassins used different types of daggers instead of real swords in the past, so maybe Assassin's Creed has been wrong all this time. 

Use of Hidden Blade in Self-Defense

One of the best ways to protect yourself from an attack is by using a hidden blade for self-defense. This blade can be used in case of an emergency by opening and closing it quickly, and with minimal effort, without having to remove your hands from the steering wheel. This will provide you with a quick escape option in case someone tries to open your car door or if people try to attack you on the street. 

They can also be used as self defense weapons against someone who wants more than just your money after walking through a dark alley at night, for example. Many times during self-defense situations, the person with the blade is successful at incapacitating his attacker without hurting them. This blade can put an end to a robbery, an attack, or a danger to your life in many different ways. 

You can use it to stab and cut people or hit them with it like a baseball bat. It has been used to defend against police and other individuals who are trying to harm you. To possess one and be able to use it successfully in self-defense situations is one of the most important weapons of self-defense a person could have.