Mini stun guns are small versions of tasers that can be used as a self-defense weapon and even as an effective tool for pest control. Contrary to popular belief, they will not cause any permanent damage or leave marks, so no one will need to know that they were even in your possession. They can also deliver many more million volts than regular tasers but the voltage is weaker than the original model because these usually come with no more than 2 milliamps (mA). 

There are usually two types of these guns; the pistol-shaped ones and those that resemble small flashlights. A third type has an elongated handle, a round button, and a clip. The word “mini” implies that these devices are smaller than regular tasers but this is far from being true because mini stun guns can be as big as a regular flashlight. 

There are also different sizes for both subjects but the standard size remains the same for both of them. The best benefit of having one is that it does not require any special license to purchase or own one in your state, although you may have to register it elsewhere if you live in California or Washington. Here are the popular types of mini stun guns:

1. Pistol-Shaped Stun Guns

These are the kind of mini stun guns that resemble a pistol, and have one or two buttons with a long stick to fire them. The trigger is usually hooked to the handle of the gun and they come with a clip to hold them in place. These stun guns are plastic or made out of metal whereas their larger counterparts are usually made out of aluminum.

2. Mini Flashlights

This is one more type of stun gun which has a flashlight-like handle, tube, and bulb, plus the button that fires it from inside. They are flashlights plus stun guns in one package. However, some people prefer to use regular stun gun flashlights because they can be used as such during times of extreme emergency.

3. Stun Gun with An Elongated Handle

This is one of the newest models of mini stun firearms but it became very popular as soon as it was released on the market. It has an elongated handle, a round button, and a clip to hold it in place when not in use. This stun gun takes two CR2 lithium batteries which are convenient and affordable because they last for ten years even if you don’t use them often.

4. Lipstick Stun Gun

This has a round button on the end (of the gun) and a small tube that houses the electrical circuit. They are usually used as self defense weapons but they can also be used as torture devices, not only because of these properties but because you may not even have to announce your presence to cause serious damage to your supposed victim. A lipstick stun gun can be smeared over the lips of your enemy or applied directly on his skin, causing pain, embarrassment, and physical harm.

5. Collapsible Stun Gun

This one is very easy to handle and use since it can be collapsed into a small size of around 3 inches in length. When the moment of truth arises, you will be able to use this stun gun without any trouble.

6. Sticky Stun Gun

These mini stun guns are made out of plastic and have a round button on one end and a neck strap on the other. They are designed for women because they are smaller in size and they look exactly like lipstick tubes but they have a much better purpose. You will be able to press the button and hold it over your enemy’s body and cause him unbearable pain, not only without being in the public eye but also without causing permanent damage, even though it will affect him until he feels safe enough to reveal his identity.

7. Mini Taser

This is a new model among mini stun guns that was released recently by Taser International. It has a lead-filled housing that can fire multiple powerful shots and a large trigger that clips on the top of the gun so you can carry it in one hand when not in use. It is a favorite among police officers because it is designed to look as little like a gun as possible.

How to Use Mini Stun Guns?

If you're looking for a no-nonsense, effective way to incapacitate an unsuspecting assailant before they have the chance to react, nothing beats the mini stun gun. In fact, not only are these handguns easy to use and shockingly accurate at ranges up to 20 feet, but they also come in many stylish designs that make them perfect for concealed carry. Let’s explore everything you need to know about mini stun guns and how you can use them beneficially in your life:

1. Choose the Right Model for Your Needs

The first step to taking your self-defense to the next level is getting yourself a mini stun gun. But before you go out and buy an expensive, high-end product that you'll be able to afford only once in a while, consider how much you'll use it.

For example, if you're looking for a self-defense tool that's perfect for a night out with friends, consider going with something that has a short shock duration so it doesn't overpower or annoy people around you. On the other hand, if your main interest is in taking care of yourself, then you should opt for something with a longer shock duration so it can incapacitate people at longer distances.

While there are several other factors you can consider, such as whether you're looking for a stun gun with an LED flashlight or one that's rechargeable and waterproof, the main thing you need to ask yourself is this: how often will I use it? The answer to this question will dictate the quality and price of your purchase.

2. Practice Drawing Your Stun Gun 

Once you have your hands on a mini stun gun, you should immediately start getting used to drawing it whenever you're out in public. It's important to get comfortable with using your stun gun quickly because if things ever go south, that initial reaction time is what could mean the difference between life and death.

So where can you start practicing drawing your stun gun? For starters, go to a local police department and ask if you can occasionally practice on their firearms. This will give you the opportunity to get used to drawing your weapon from all sorts of different angles. Next, start to frequent places that regularly see crime: libraries, theme parks, malls, restaurants, movie theaters, etc. 

Take more notice of all the people around you when walking through these places and actively think about how to react if you ever need to use your stun gun. Finally, try to keep your stun gun in a location where it's always close by whenever possible – such as in the car or your purse so it's always within reach.

3. Get Used to Using Your Stun Gun in the Dark

For many people, nighttime is when they're most likely to be a victim of a crime. If you find yourself caught in a precarious situation at night, having to draw your weapon in the dark will offer you little time to get your hands on it. Your best chance of survival is if you can quickly draw your stun gun and use it before the assailant knows what's going on. So how do you prepare for this kind of scenario? 

First, try practicing drawing and firing mini stun guns in low-light conditions. Activities like camping or going shooting can help here because low-light situations are fairly common during these trips. Second, practice drawing your stun gun at night whenever you get the chance. For example, if you have to go outside during the night to look for something in your car or mailbox, take this opportunity to get a few repetitions in.

Finally, if you have mini stun guns with an LED flashlight, use it whenever possible. Nothing will help you see better at night than one of these flashlights. In fact, when used correctly, these flashlights can give off more light than a full-sized flashlight can and they're extremely lightweight so they won't inhibit your movement or draw attention to yourself. The only downside is that many of them run on batteries but luckily there are now rechargeable models available too!