Chronicles of Riddick Claw Dagger Saber Knife with Display Stand

Riddicks Saber Claws, replica twin daggers are of full tang 12" overall. 420 j stainless steel.
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The Chronicles of Riddick is a very popular movie, and this Chronicles of Riddick Claw Dagger Saber Knife is the knife that made this movie even more popular. It is such a unique knife and deserves a place in your collection. Your arsenal must not miss to have this beauty! There are two claw daggers with curved handles. Richard B. Riddick used these blades for slicing, chopping and several other purposes, as you watched in the movie. If you are a real fan of Richard B. Riddick, you need to determine your love for him by having these blades in your collection. Yes, there are two blades included in the package! 

This Chronicles of Riddick Claw Dagger Saber Knife is perfect for display and decor purposes. It comes with a beautiful display stand where you can display these blades perfectly. It then looks like a gorgeous display and decor item! Also, it can be used in LARP and also as a costume on Halloween. 

This Chronicles of Riddick Claw Dagger Saber Knife consists of two Ulak blades made of stainless steel. However, these are unsharpened to make them safe for display and costume purposes. The overall length of the knife is measured as 12 inches. There are ray skin wrapped handles to make them easy and comfortable! 

  • Inspired by the Weapons of Richard B. Riddick
  • Blades are Made from 420J Stainless Steel
  • Features a Blackened Steel Finish
  • Handles are Ray-Skin Wrapped for Security and Comfort
  • Comes as a Matched Set of Two Ulak Knives
  • Includes a Magnetic Wooden Display Stand
  • A Fantastic Costume Dagger or Display Piece
  • Overall Length: 12 Inches

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