Captain America Solid Metal Broken Shield Damaged Style Prop Replica

Solid Metal Sheet Shield With Handle Wrapped With Leather For Enhanced Grip & Display.
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This is a fully hand-made shield, it is constructed using high-quality steel and the handle on the back of the shield is wrapped with leather for ease in handling while use. The total Diameter of this shield is about 22.5 inches making it very prominent in size when carried. The markings and the edges on this shield are inspired by the shield which was damaged while in use by Captain America. Overall, this shield is very sturdy and can be used as a display piece or as a costume accessory.

  • Size: 22 Inches Round

  • Includes a leather-wrapped handle for added comfort.
  • Made up from high quality Mild steel 
  • Rustic Proof Paint Inside 
  • High Quality Painted 

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