brass knuckles break fingers

Also known as a knuckle duster, a brass knuckle is a great accessory, tool, self defense weapon and display item. It is wearable around the knuckles and can be a perfect everyday carry tool as well. Made of brass, it is considered a very powerful tool. Indeed, it is! It is a very lethal weapon that can cause some serious damage, if you deliver a couple of punches with it in someone’s face. Not just your opponent but you are also vulnerable in this regard. 
One thing I often come across is the question “can brass knuckles break your fingers?” Those who wear these knuckles and often use them have an innate fear. They believe at a point of time, knuckles can break their own fingers. It seems quite likely since brass is a strong material and can be vulnerable to the wearer himself. Imagine a powerful punch in the face of the attacker ending up causing your own fingers as well. 
Hence, it can be dangerous for the user himself as well. However, one can’t say that it can break your fingers. Still, this can’t be ignored. One of your weaker fingers can be damaged. To avoid such a situation, you need to follow a few instructions. Your safety should be the first priority. To ensure the safety of your fingers while using brass knuckles, learn how to use them perfectly. Here is how to rightly punch someone with the knuckles! 

How to Punch with Brass Knuckles

The following are the guidelines to use brass knuckle which you must follow while throwing off punches i.e. if you don’t want to break your fingers.

1- Understanding the Mechanics of a Punch

First of all, you must understand the mechanics of throwing a punch. Punch is not the game of fist only rather it requires coordination from the complete body. Therefore, you should coordinate your body parts i.e. shoulders, arm, fist, legs and hips in a way that they help you throw the right punch.


2- Regular Punch VS Brass Knuckle Punch

The punch you throw regularly and the punch you throw with brass knuckles are both different. When you are throwing a regular punch, you punch straightly by extending your arm and infusing all of your strength in that direct hit. 
However, this is not the case with the punch thrown using brass knuckles. In this case, you must hit by curving your arm a little but your wrist should be straight. 
The purpose of this curved strike is to reduce the impact of the punch on the bones which consequently reduces the risk of harm or injury.

3- Practice

Practice makes perfect and in this case, you must practice throwing punches by wearing brass knuckles so you are well-prepared when you will actually find the need to do it. This will also help you get familiarized with your own body and will keep you active and strong as well. 
You can practice on punching bags which will help you learn more by increasing your concentration, speed, stamina, and energy.

4- Wearing Knuckles Properly

Most of the brass knuckles come with four finger holes, however, some of them also come with two finger holes. You must properly wear brass knuckles in all holes and then draw them across the palm of your hand. After that, bring your thumb towards your forefinger.

5- Maintain your Posture

Now is the time to maintain your posture and for this, you will have to make use of your complete body. Stand by opening legs equal to the width of your shoulders. Then place your foot opposite to the side of the hand wielding brass knuckles. 
Gather all your energy and bend your hips slightly. Close your fingers in a tight fist and make sure that your thumb is not too close to your fingers.

6- Aim Properly

The last step is to concentrate properly so that you can aim accurately and throw an effective punch. Make sure to keep your wrist straight and your arm extended properly and then hit your opponent by curving the arm slightly so that you do not injure the bones of your arm and hand. 
Also, it is a good practice to hit with the knuckles that are closest to the thumb of your hand as they are strong and are not easy to break.

 brass knuckle break your finger

Would Brass Knuckle Break Fingers? Verdict 

Generally, brass knuckles are quite dangerous for the user. His fingers are vulnerable to injuries unless he is well-trained and knows how to perfectly use them. So, there are certain instructions you need to follow if you want to keep your fingers safe and secure and prevent them from breaking. 

It is not all about training and practice though! You must find the right pair of brass knuckles as well. In addition, you should know how to rightly wear them around your knuckles. Similarly, aiming at the right position is important along with the right posture. In the end, practice does matter a lot. Practice hard and gain some expertise before you get your hands on someone!