It is mostly believed that brass knuckles are the bad guys and their menacing look seconds this opinion of people. This is why they are used mostly in street fights than in a self-defense scenario. When I thought about buying brass knuckles for myself the first time, I was quite confused. 

First of all, I checked the laws of my state regarding brass knuckles which were a must as I did not want to get myself in any legal trouble and then I browsed for different varieties of brass knuckles. 

While browsing, there was one question that kept on revolving inside my head and it was, “Can Brass Knuckles Break Your Fingers?” 

I found brass knuckles really cool but I was also afraid to use them as they were made up of hard metal and I was afraid of bruising or injuring my fingers in any way.

Anyhow, despite my fear, I bought my first brass knuckles. They looked stunning and had four finger holes in them. The base color was a glossy black which shined and the construction was pure stainless steel. 

The best thing about it was its design featuring blazing red flames erupting from the mouth of a dragon sprawling all over the head of the knuckles. I loved the design and as soon as I saw this piece of art, I booked an order. 

My order arrived within a week and I was thrilled to see my first ever brass knuckles. Although I had made a promise with myself to not use brass knuckles to hurt anyone and buying them was just out of interest. 

But I still kept them with me all the time as a self-defense weapon. I never thought that I will ever find the need to use them or I will actually use them against someone one day.

One summer night, while I was driving home from the office, I saw a man lying on the road in front of me. I immediately stopped the car and unlocked the door to go out and check the man. Just when I started to open the door, warning bells rang in my head and I took out my brass knuckles out of the dashboard of my car, wore them and went outside. 

The man who was lying on the road was not moving and seemed dead. I wanted to check for sure if he was just unconscious or dead and this is why I went near him to check his pulse. As soon as I got near him, he pulled out a gun out of his pocket and asked me to give him my wallet and my car keys. 

I moved forward to give him my wallet and just then I decided that I will not let him victimize me and instead of placing my wallet in front of him I punched him with my knuckles and his gun flew out of his hand.

I punched him a few times and very soon he became unconsciousness. I flew out of the scene and just when I reached safety I took off my knuckles and saw my hand. It was full of nasty bruises. I went to the doctor and had my treatment and the bruises bothered me for so many days. 

That day, I understood the importance of self-defense more than ever and I learned one more thing that you must learn how to throw punches easily with a brass knuckle otherwise you will just end up bruising yourself or in most severe cases break your fingers which luckily didn’t happen to me. 

I took a few classes on self-defense and even researched on it and now I will share that knowledge with you so you can learn how to throw a punch with a brass knuckle properly and save yourself from breaking your fingers.

How to Punch with Brass Knuckles

The following are the guideline to use brass knuckle which you must follow while throwing off punches i.e. if you don’t want to break your fingers.

1- Understanding the Mechanics of a Punch

First of all, you must understand the mechanics of throwing a punch. Punch is not the game of fist only rather it requires coordination from the complete body. Therefore, you should coordinate your body parts i.e. shoulders, arm, fist, legs and hips in a way that they help you throw the right punch.

2- Understanding the Difference Between Regular Punch and Punch using Brass Knuckles

The punch you throw regularly and the punch you throw with brass knuckles are both different. When you are throwing a regular punch, you punch straightly by extending your arm and infusing all of your strength in that direct hit. 

However, this is not the case with the punch thrown using brass knuckles. In this case, you must hit by curving your arm a little but your wrist should be straight. 

The purpose of this curved strike is to reduce the impact of the punch on the bones which consequently reduces the risk of harm or injury.

3- Practice

Practice makes perfect and in this case, you must practice throwing punches by wearing brass knuckles so you are well-prepared when you will actually find the need to do it. This will also help you get familiarize with your own body and will keep you active and strong as well. 

You can practice on punching bag which will help you learn more by increasing your concentration, speed, stamina, and energy.

4- Wearing Knuckles Properly

Most of the brass knuckles come with four finger holes, however, some of them also come with two finger holes. You must properly wear brass knuckles in all holes and then draw them across the palm of your hand. After that, bring your thumb towards your forefinger.

5- Maintain your Posture

Now is the time to maintain your posture and for this, you will have to make use of your complete body. Stand by opening legs equal to the width of your shoulders. Then place your foot opposite to the side of the hand wielding brass knuckles. 

Gather all your energy and bend your hips slightly. Close your fingers in a tight fist and make sure that your thumb is not too close to your fingers.

6- Aim Properly

The last step is to concentrate properly so that you can aim accurately and throw an effective punch. Make sure to keep your wrist straight and your arm extended properly and then hit your opponent by curving the arm slightly so that you do not injure the bones of your arm and hand. 

Also, it is a good practice to hit with the knuckles that are closest to the thumb of your hand as they are strong and are not easy to break.

A Little Warning

They are illegal in most of the states of the US and therefore you must check the laws of your state before buying brass knuckle for sale

In some states, they are illegal to buy, use, carry and even manufacture while in others it is legal to own them and manufacture them, however, you cannot brandish them or use them against anyone. 

And if you do that you are charged with a felony or heavy fines are imposed and the guilty person may also go to the prison.

Also, make sure to use brass knuckles for self-defense only and not as a weapon against someone in street fights and combats and it can land you in some serious trouble. Brass knuckles are known to cause minor to major injuries i.e. bleeding, bruises, swelling, concussions, broken bones and sometimes in even death. 

Therefore, you should make sure to only use them against someone in a life and death situation for self-defense when there is no other way to save your life. And even then, only make minimal use of knuckle dusters, just enough to get you out of that situation.