Brass knuckle knife a multifunctional tool

It is no secret that brass knuckles are the coolest weapons these days, but are they really an invention of our time? The brass knuckle knife was one of the most useful weapons for trench warfare during the trench wars when brass knuckles became popular. 

Metal bits are actually molded into knuckles to fit perfectly on them so they could feel comfortable. A primary function of these tools is to amplify the overall intensity of an individual's punch, contributing to delivering great and substantial punches.

A knuckle blade has a handle that's attached to knuckles and utilizes a similar concept. As the handle is configured, the holder can grasp the blade more tightly and firmly. The brass knuckle blade additionally provides for progressively strong and incredible cutting and this is the reason it is considered the most suitable blade for pushing and wounding.

Brass Knuckles: Deadliest Tools

So In addition to these knuckle dusters, a brass knuckle knife is a superb weapon of self-defense. With only one punch, the issue can be resolved in no time at all. They do not require much effort.

The only opportunity you have is to familiarize yourself with a few cool punches. Keep your striking arm bent while you maintain a straight punching wrist. Keeping your wrist and finger protected and solid is the key to dealing damage only to your potential aggressor. I guarantee you, these astounding knuckles are not just impressive in fighting movies, but they are superior, all things considered.

The First Knuckle Knives - Trench Knives

Knives have been around for a long time. In fact, the first knives were made out of animal bones as far back as 30,000 years ago! The oldest example of a knife is actually one that was created by using the rib bone from an antelope. 

Maybe you’ve never seen this type of knife before? That's because it’s an extinct type of device called the “knuckle knife.” It was recovered in 1868 and is on display at London’s Victoria and Albert Museum. Then, thousands of years ago, people began to develop more sophisticated knives. 

Of course, they still needed to be sharp, but they also had to be sturdy enough to survive battle or other tough jobs. This blade wasn’t made for slicing food; it was designed for use in hand-to-hand combat! In modern times, these knives have become a popular everyday tool. People use them for all kinds of things. 

Trench knife

Brass Knuckle Knife: How Does it Look?

The first thing to know about these knuckle knives is that they carry both brass knuckles and knives at the same time. Despite what their name might imply, they are not designed for use with the fist and do not offer much punching power. 

In fact, knuckle knives have a blade attached to them which is used for cutting and stabbing people instead of actually punching them. The weapons gained some notoriety in America during Prohibition when gangsters would wear them to intimidate their opponents or as an accessory to a gang outfit.

These days, knuckle knives are primarily associated with martial arts and knife fighting. These knives are large knives which are typically about 5 ½ inches long or more. They are made of metals such as steel which will vary based on the model you buy. 

These knuckle knives can be broken down into three different types – straight bladed, curved saber-style and hollow point farming methods – but only some makers offer such different styles.

  • Straight Blade

Straight Bladed Knives are your average brass knuckle knife with a blade that is attached in the center of the weapon. It can be used for both slashing and stabbing attacks but it is not as long as some of its counterparts.

  • Curved Blade

Curved Saber-style makes using these knuckle knives easier by allowing you to swing the weapon around your index finger or move it in a circular motion just like with a sword or saber. 

The curve allows you to hit your opponent even if they are standing close to you, on your right or left side or even behind you. The curve also gives those who use it a reach advantage over those they fight and allows them to back up while keeping their enemy at bay with ease.

  • Hollow Point Knives

Hollow Point Farming Methods are a new invention which allows you to use your martial arts skills to pierce or stab at your opponent's weak points or vital organs much more easily. 

These knuckle knives have a circular cutout which is hollow and is created for holding rubber bullets, needles, syringes and other weapons. They are best used with one of the other two types of knuckle knives instead of by themselves.

Since these knives were used primarily by gangsters during the Prohibition era, they became outlawed in most states although some states still allow them like Indiana, Michigan and Oklahoma. You should check out your local laws before buying one because they vary wildly between states.

Brass knuckle knife

Fighting Tricks with Knuckle Knives

As we all know that the major purpose of using knuckle knives is fighting, but do you know how to use them for this properly. However they are not mainly used in military and battles nowadays but still they are the most useful tools. 

The brass knuckle knife is an ideal tool to use for self protection for people who don’t want to carry larger weapons. You just need to practice first because this knife can be quite dangerous if you are not aware of its proper use. Also, their training is not difficult and you can easily learn to use these knives and later use them for self defense. 

Brass Knuckle Knives Effective as Fighting Tools

Tools like these have some amazing capabilities, as they are efficient in a way like weapons too. Sometimes, a tool that is useful for doing basic everyday tasks like cutting can be used as a fighting weapon. In the case of hand held weapons, their work capability is sometimes dependent on their power and efficiency. 

One of the most commonly used hand held weapons are brass knuckles that are also simple to use. But a more modified version of the brass knuckle is the brass knuckle knife that’s meant for fighting as well. It is a knuckle buster that protects the fingers and has a blade attached to it for attacking. The two different weapons in individuality also work really well and combined it’s pretty effective as well.

The most common among these weapons are yours and mine favorite brass knuckles that are well known because of their qualities. But their latest and modified version, a knuckle knife is a better choice to use as a fighting tool. 

It has a knuckle duster design similar to brass knuckle with an advanced feature of having an extended blade which is designed to be used for attacking. Collectively, having two different weapons in individuality come exceptional to use for self defense as well as for other daily tasks. 

Knuckle Knives: Better than Simple Knuckles

Knives are one of the most common and efficient homicidal weapons available. Knives, however, need to be handled with caution and skill to ensure maximum effectiveness. These knuckle knives work similarly to a brass knuckle hand weapon and are an easy-to-operate alternative for those who lack the necessary skills or familiarity with traditional knives or other bladed weapons.

Though there are many types of these knuckle knives you might want to consider, all will serve their purpose well in self defense scenarios. The most common types of knuckle knives provide the majority of mass produced knives that are readily available. 

You can select from multiple shapes and sizes and there are even specialized knuckle knives that have synthetic handles that are durable. Their simple, fixed edge design is lightweight and provides a wide range of materials. The handle size ranges from just under 5 inches to nearly 6 inches in length, which can include various blade lengths for different applications.

These knives are an easy way to bring a second weapon to bear when you may be out of reach of your primary weapon. Brass knuckle knife is also an effective tool for more light-hearted self defense situations such as restraining someone until help arrives or breaking glass in a home while looking for your lost cat.