Explaining Stiletto Knife's History, Features and Uses


We are sometimes amazed to see how many types of knives we have now. There was a time, we used to think of a knife as just a tool used in the kitchen for cutting work....
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Top 10 Airsoft Guns for Playing Airsoft Games


Outdoor activities have become essential since people have engaged in too much work throughout the week. After a long week at work, people want some time outside to enjoy a thrilling activity. Something exciting and thrilling can eliminate all the tiredness and boredom that you had at the workplace....
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Smart & Advantageous Variations of Stun Guns for Self Defense

stun gun for self defense

If you are asked which is the best self defense weapon, what would you reply? 90 out of 100 times, it is the stun gun. It is no longer a debate though because people have come around stun gun as the most effective weapon for self defense.....

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Answering Every Question About Airsoft Guns that Beginners Ask!


“Airsoft guns” is a very common term these days. We hope you listen to this term on a daily basis.  Since these guns have come to the picture, people are crazy about them. They are keen to use these replica guns and get engaged in the airsoft sport.....
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Legend of Zelda Sword - The Most Desirable Video Game Sword Today!


One of the most recognized and sought-after swords today is the legend of zelda sword. This is a fantasy sword that has been extremely popular. Generally, a fantasy sword is the one that belongs to a famous fictional character....
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How to Throw a Knife - Learn Throwing Knives Sport!


Knife throwing has grown at a rapid pace around the world. It is a different type of sport that gained attention not long ago.  Though there are plenty of throwing sports today, knife throwing is the most popular. Otherwise, we have axe throwing as well....
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Trench Knife - A Traditional Brass Knuckle Knife

Trench knife is known to be a historical knife. It has been popular all over the world, especially in the US since it served during the First World War. Actually, it is known for its use in World War I. Perhaps, we might not have been familiar with this knife if it was not used during that war.....
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The Rise of Nunchucks in 21st Century - A Traditional Weapon Turned Modern

Nunchucks has emerged as a weapon for self defense. In America, it has been used for defense against the attackers. But, there are people who use it as a martial arts weapon as well.  Where did that weapon comes from? Well, very few people know the background behind nunchucks....
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Earliest Stun Guns Vs. The Modern Stun Guns

Arguably the most popular and widely used non lethal weapon today is the stun gun. Admit it or not, but it has become a widely accepted weapon for self defense. Because it is non lethal, it is preferred by the women as well....
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14 Spectacular Halloween Costume Ideas

With Halloween not too far away, it is time to pick your costume. Yes, with such a vast variety of Halloween costumes in the market, it is difficult to pick one. However, we have tried to ease up your decision making....
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Exceptional and Easy Karambit Knife Tricks

Karambit knife is perhaps the most familiar knife with the people these days. The knife that hailed from the Philippines is now the most popular knife across the world. It has now been widely and frequently used in the US. Much has been debated about the usefulness of this incredible knife, such as utility and self defense.
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Butterfly Knives: The Best Flipping Knives Ever!

Butterfly knives are also known by the names of fan knives and Balisong knives. There is another name by which they are called and that is the Batanga knives. This name is not quite widely used and has a more geographic touch to it. Butterfly knives are basically folding knives that can be easily carried around in pockets....
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