Crossbow VS Compound Bow: Pros and Cons

Crossbow vs Compound Bow

There is a long-standing tradition of bow use throughout history. In fact, bows were one of the first weapons to be made by early modern humans and use has been widespread across all cultures for millennia. Archers can find evidence of bows....
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Top 3 Types of Daggers with Amazing Features

3 Types of daggers

The word dagger comes from the French word "dague" which came from Latin "dexter", which means right; this is because daggers were mostly being carried in that hand. It is a stabbing weapon that has a short, generally straight blade with a sharp....
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6 Cool Types of Knives for Knife Collectors

6 Cool types of knives

Knives are designed to be sturdy and easy to use. They have a variety of shapes with different purposes, ranging from chef's knives to hunting knives. Most knives have a blade that curves slightly towards the point, but some can also come in straight....
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Who is MF Doom? What is MF Doom Mask?

What is MF Doom Mask

The first person who dared to wear a mask for whatever reason was thought of as being immortal by the ancient Greeks and Romans. In today's society, where more and more people live in urban environments, wearing a mask is now seen as unusual....
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8 Things Hunters Must Know About Crossbows

8 things hunters must know about crossbow

The crossbow is a projectile weapon that has a bow set horizontally on a wooden or metal frame with an attached string. It requires more skill than an archery longbow. They can be made from wood, aluminum, fiberglass, or composite materials and are....
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What Makes Blank Guns Unique?

What makes blank guns unique

The term “blank-firing guns” refers to a firearm which may not fire a bullet, but is adapted to fire blank cartridges instead. Blanks are used primarily in military weapons and sometimes in hunting rifles. Blank guns are also called flare guns or dummy guns....
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How to Construct Your Own Cosplay Weapons?

How to construct cosplay weapons?

Cosplay weapons are props and accessories used to complete a cosplayer's outfit. These might include swords, lightsabers, guns or any other kind of weapon. The advantages of using some of these items. in the first place is that they can provide....
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How to Choose Your Outdoor Tactical Gear?

How to choose tactical gear

Tactical gear is a type of clothing, footwear, and equipment that is worn in order to work and play in demanding conditions. This gear is important when you are going for hunting and camping trips. The equipment is grounded in SWAT, military, and police....
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Top 5 Greatest Samurai Swords

Top 5 Greatest Samurai Swords

First, we need to look back in time. It seems so long ago now, but there was a world that existed with no electricity and where technology was non-existent. There was a time when life as we know it seemed like nothing more than myth and legend....
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Kunai Throwing Knife - A Multipurpose Ninja Weapon

Kunai knife - a multipurpose ninja weapon

A kunai anime throwing knife is a traditional Japanese stabbing and throwing tool, around 4-6 inches in length. They are sharpened on one end, with a ring on the opposite end for attaching cord. The kunai comes from the Japanese word for....
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Explore the Extensive Varieties of Cosplay Masks

Explore the varieties of cosplay masks

Cosplay is short for costume play, which is the art of dressing up as a fictional character. Although cosplayers may use different materials, such as fabric and paper to create their costumes, most will also wear wigs and sometimes make alterations....
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Are Prop Guns Dangerous? A Guide to Safety

Are prop guns dangerous?

The belief that firearms in movies often exaggerate their true capabilities is a widely held one. In particular, films with blank firearms are often cited as a prime example of how Hollywood's role in shaping the public's perception of guns can be overdone....
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