Exceptional Features of Cool Pocket Knives

Exceptional features of pocket knives

The pocket knives are a type of folding knife with one or more blades that fit inside the handle which can be carried in a pocket. They are also known as jack knives, clasp knives, credit card knives, folk art knives. This pocket knife is small and convenient....
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Trench Knife - A Traditional Brass Knuckle Knife

Trench knife is known to be a historical knife. It has been popular all over the world, especially in the US since it served during the First World War. Actually, it is known for its use in World War I. Perhaps, we might not have been familiar with this knife if it was not used during that war.....
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Does Pepper Spray Expire? What You Should Know

Does pepper spray expire?

Self-defense is a term that might evoke thoughts of violence and abuse. However, self defense can be anything from learning how to box to learning the martial arts. In fact, most people use it as a defense against verbal abuse or disregard....
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Simple Butterfly Knife Tricks You Can Perform With Practice

Simple butterfly knife tricks

There is no escape from danger. Is there anyone who does not like a little chaos now and then? Known as the butterfly knife or balisong in Korean, the balisong is a tall, thin, sharp dagger-like object that can deliver devastating blows....
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Brass Knuckle Knife: A Multifunctional Fighting and Self Defense Tool

Brass knuckle knife a multifunctional tool

It is no secret that brass knuckles are the coolest weapons these days, but are they really an invention of our time? The brass knuckle knife was one of the most useful weapons for trench warfare during the trench wars when brass knuckles....
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Airsoft Guns are Popular for their Safe Shooting Capabilities

Airsoft guns are popular for safe shooting

Airsoft guns are for airsoft games. A type of sport played with these plastic weapons that shoot at lower velocities and do not use gunpowder.  There are many different types of these guns, from semi-automatics to sniper rifles. They range from....
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Can Brass Knuckles Defend You? An In-Depth Look

Can brass knuckles defend you

It's a tool designed to be worn on one's fingers and used for punching, with the goal of causing more damage and injury to the victim. The weapon is worn like brass knuckles, but it is not only made from brass. Oftentimes it has blades at the end....
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Top 7 Real Swords Of All Time

Top 7 Real Swords

A sword is a type of weapon that has been used for close combat. They generally consist of a long, straight-bladed weapon with a hilt, handle and guard. Swords are primarily distinguished from other cutting melee weapons by their longer....
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10 Best Self Defense Knives to Carry For Survival

Best self defense knives to carry

Are you struggling to defend yourself against an assailant, but don't know what self defense blade to get? Do you want a knife that's easy to carry in as many places as possible? Then keep reading for our list of the top 10 self defense knives....
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Exceptional and Unique Features of a Karambit Knife

Unique features of karambit knife

The Karambit knife is a traditional southeast Asian curved blade resembling a claw, used as both a farming implement and as an effective close combat weapon. In the West it is commonly referred to as "the tiger claw." It has been adopted by....
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How Can Blank Firing Guns Fire Precise Shots?

How can blank firing guns fire precise shots

A bank gun is a replica of a real weapon that is used in theater or film productions. These guns are typically made from lighter-weight materials, such as plastic or paper Mache, and can be found at costume shops, hobby stores, and various other locations....
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What is Cosplay? Fabulous Cosplay Ideas for Cosplayers

Fabulous cosplay ideas

The term cosplay is generally used to refer to costume play, in which a participant wears clothing and accessories to represent a character on screen. Moreover, it is a term that can also be used to mean role playing and even a subculture based on roleplay....
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