Nunchucks History Till Today - Interesting Facts You Need to Know

Nunchucks History Till Today

Nunchucks, nunchaku or chucks are wooden tools and weapons made famous by Bruce Lee. You must have used this unique and strange weapon but do you know about the history behind it?....
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5 Reasons To Always Carry A Pepper Spray With You

Always Carry A Pepper Spray

Pepper spray is known as one of the most popular self defense weapons . This weapon existed long ago, even before there were any stun guns or tasers etc.....
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A Comprehensive Guide To Selecting One Of The Best EDC Knives

The Best EDC Knives

Without any doubt, choosing one of the best EDC knives is the most difficult and overwhelming decision. We all have our own requirements and uses for different tools....
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13 Most Incredible & Effective Self Defense Weapons for Ladies

Effective Self Defense Weapons for Ladies

Ladies are the most vulnerable individuals to random attacks. More than 70% of the people attacked, victimized or brutalized on the hands of the attackers are women.....
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Airsoft Guns Vs Paintball Guns Vs Pellet Guns - The Best & the Cheapest?

Airsoft Guns Vs Paintball Guns Vs Pellet Guns

Love shooting with guns? There are many like you who love firing, but are always reluctant to use real guns. And why not?....
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10 Cool Knives to Own for Crazy Enthusiasts in 2020


Knives are the bladed weapons that have served humans for a long time. They have been used as warfare weapons and utility tools.....
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10 Best & Cheapest Airsoft Revolvers, Rifles & Sniper Rifles for Airsofters

When counting the most enjoyable activities in 2020, we can’t ignore airsoft. It is now a fact that people love outdoor activities....
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What Can Women Carry For Self Defense? Here are Some Expert Suggestions!

self defense weapons for women

Admit it or not, we don’t feel safe these days whenever we leave our houses. It seems as if an attacker is just waiting for you at the other corner of the street....
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Which Pepper Spray is the Best? Exploring the Top 10!

top pepper sprays

Pepper spray is believed to be one of the best self defense weapons in 2020...
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7 Fantasy Swords Every Enthusiast Dreams to Have in His Collection

7 Fantasy Swords Every Enthusiast Dreams

Swords are one of the earliest fighting weapons. Ancient warriors used swords as their basic warfare weapon when battling their enemies in the battlefield....
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Top 5 Best Prop Guns for Stage & Films

5 Best Prop Guns for Stage & Films

The success of modern movies depends on how realistic the movie is....
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The 5 Best Crossbows for Deer Hunting in 2020

best crossbows for deer hunting

In 2020, there is an extensive range of hunting weapons if you are looking for one. However, most hunters have settled on the crossbow as their final choice....
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