Top 9 Self Defense Weapons Travelers Should Carry For Survival

Self defense weapons for travelers

We all love traveling around the globe and exploring nature. It is always nice to explore things but one thing that makes travelers worried is that they often encounter wild animals and random attackers. Even if you are traveling within the city at night....
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Pocket Knives: The Awesome Knives that are Useful in Any Situation

Awesome pocket knives

Knives have been around since way before humans existed. All it takes is a good eye to stare at a knife and imagine how it might have come into existence. There are many ideas of the origins of awesome knives, with some theories dating....
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Comparative Analysis of Different Types of Stun Guns

Types of Stun Guns

In the realm of self-defense, stun guns are highly effective, nonlethal weapons. Traditionally, these guns have stopped attackers. Through two or more probes on the end of the device, these stun guns deliver electric shocks to an assailant with battery power....
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5 of The Best and Cheap Airsoft Guns for Beginners

The Best and Cheap Airsoft Guns

Airsoft has become one of the most favorite activities for Americans. It is a thrilling outdoor activity and often rated higher after hunting. Airsoft is a sport as well as a reenactment activity performed using airsoft guns....
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How To Make A Wooden Sword In Minecraft?

Wooden Sword

Swords are an ancient tradition that dates all the way back to 2,000 BC. They are one of the oldest weapons in human history and have been used by many diverse actors throughout history including warriors, samurai, pirates, princes and popes....
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Top 5 Realistic Blank Guns for Sale Under 100 Dollars!


Since real firearms are dangerous and illegal to own, the best alternative to them is the blank guns. Blank firing guns are almost the real guns. Except the bullets, they are real guns. They look like real and shoot like real guns, but they don’t fire bullets....
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5 Self-defense Weapons for Women to Carry in Their Purse

Whenever you think about choosing a self-defense weapon for yourself, always go for the one which is comfortable for you to carry. For women, the most comfortable carrying self-defense weapons would be those which they can carry in their purses since they carry their purses with them everywhere they go....
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10 Smart and Easy-to-Carry Self Defense Weapons You Must Carry in 2022

10 Smart and Easy-to-Carry Self Defense Weapons

Several years ago, world was safer than it is today. People had a sense of safety when they were at home, and I remember my grandpa would often leave the front door unlocked at night. But coming to today, we can’t even think of leaving the doors unlocked even during the day....

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Highlander Sword - The Legendary Sword of Connor MacLeod

Highlander sword is a common term you would hear from sword enthusiasts these days. This is actually a sword which has a massive fan base around the world. In fact, this sword has become more popular than any other sword in the market....
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Spring Assisted Knives Reviewed - Everything You Need to Know


Knives to be happened to be fighting weapons or kitchen tools, but as of late, knives have become essential things to have.....
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How Pocket Knife Turns Out to be the Most Innovative Knife!

Knives have been constructed in massive numbers these days. One can easily figure out how crucial they have become in daily lives. In fact, a knife has become a necessity for everyone, and perhaps this is the reason why everyone is carrying a pocket knife....
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10 Types of Swords You Find in the Market Today

Sword was a primary fighting weapon a couple of centuries back. In fact, it was the first ever weapon used for fighting during the wars. Different types of swords served the warriors during wars before the nuclear weapons took over.....
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