Why Are CO2 Airsoft Guns The Best Replicated Guns?

CO2 Airsoft Guns

In the present time, we see that replications of all real weapons are coming one after the other. Why is this so?...
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6 Brilliantly Designed SAO Swords & Ways to Use Them in 2021

SAO Swords

We might have adopted nuclear weapons and firearms but we never forgot swords. Yes, that’s the fact! The technology has led the world to such innovative weapons....
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5 Perfect Self Defense Weapons for Women

self defense weapons for women

Why is self defense important for women? I can collate here all the cases of violence committed against women both inside the house and out, in the streets and back alleys....
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5 Types of Medieval Swords and Their Modern Usage


Swords may be difficult to classify accurately, but here is a compact list of 5 most notable swords throughout history and what are these swords up to today....
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Stun Gun - Shapes, Features and Working Mechanism

stun guns review

A stun gun is a handy self defense weapon, here is all you need to know about inner workings of a stun gun to make it work for you....
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12 Types of Knife Blades & Their Purposes!

types of knife and blades

There are several different types of blades and knives around. Different knives serve different purposes. A few are excellent for hunting while a few are good for utility uses....
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Do Airsoft Guns Hurt Badly? Important Safety Instructions


Just bought your brand new airsoft pistol bit concerned how much will this airsoft weapon hurt? The answer: It depends When you played with the toy airsoft gun as....
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How and When Does a Pepper Spray Expire?

Are you not sure how long your pepper spray will last? Well, here is all you need to know about when does a pepper expire....
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The Compelling Features And Benefits Of Video Game Swords


Is it possible to have game accessories in your real life? Yes, it is possible. The fascination with playing video games is increasing day by day....
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Top 5 Prop Guns of the Week - A Detailed Review

Top 5 Prop Guns

Prop guns, also called blank guns and starter pistols, are one of the replica guns used for realistic shooting. These guns have become extremely popular....
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Learn About Some Key Features And Uses Of Throwing Knives

throwing knives

Knives are a very essential part of your life. Without this tool, you can’t be able to do various tasks. Throwing knife is one of the beneficial tools that have....
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Everything You Need to Know About Throwing Stars


In today’s market, there are a lot of ninja weapons that have various benefits and uses at a time. Throwing stars are one of them that serve multiple purposes for its users....
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