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Extra Loud blanks for Blank Pistols. Sold in 8mm only as a pack of 50. This product may only be shipped Ground. Walther Cal. 8 MM Extra Loud Blank Gun Ammunition 50 Pack
In Stock.
2G2-BOMAG - Extra Blank Magazine For Botan Models Pistol
In Stock.
7 Rounds Extra Blank Magazine For Zoraki M807 M2807 8mm Models Blank Pistol
In Stock.
50 rounds 9mm P.A.K. Blank Gun Ammo available at a best price in the Blank Ammo Market!.
In Stock.
2G1-TIMAG - Extra Blank Magazine For Ekol Tisa Models Pistol
In Stock.
2G1-VOMAG - Extra Blank Magazine For Volga Models Pistol
In Stock.
2G2-TUMAG - Extra Blank Magazine For Ekol Tuna V950 Models Pistol
In Stock.
Walther .22 Caliber / 6MM Crimp Blank Gun Ammunition 100 Pack
In Stock.
2G1-S9MAG - Extra Blank Magazine For Ekol Special 99 V85 Models Pistol
In Stock.
16 Rounds Extra Blank Magazine For Zoraki 925 Model 9mm Pistol
In Stock.
Walther Revolver Half Load Blank Cartridges 9MM RK 50 Cartridges Crimped
Out of Stock.

Blank Firing Guns - The Bullet-less Real Guns

Blank Guns, the real guns, except just one way. This is how we describe them. These are the guns without dangerous bullets fired out of them. But to your surprise, they do fire. Aren’t they the most amazing weapons? Well, we stock the best of them, and sell them at the cheapest prices. At Sharp Import, you can find plenty of blank firing guns that will give you a realistic firing experience. You can scroll through our blank guns, and check how cool they are. 

A blank gun uses metal or brass shells, loaded with gun powder and a primer, but there is no bullet inside. You can imagine it as a real gun, if you ignore the bullets for a second. It weighs similar, looks similar, fires in a similar fashion, and even sounds similar to a real gun. So, why won’t you have such a safe gun, if you love firing with guns. They are more than ideal if you are unfamiliar with guns, but want to experience firing. Well, it just isn’t the best way, it is also the cheapest way to do so. At Sharp Import, you can buy cheap blank guns, click through to see a vast array of these guns. 

Endless Variety of Cheap Blank Guns

At Sharp Import, we have the cheapest priced Black Guns for sale. Do you think there is just one type of Blank Firing Guns? Sharp Import does not agree with you in this regard. Our endless variety includes Blank Ammo Guns, Blank Firing Revolver, and Blank Guns Magazine as well. So, you have a great selection to choose from. We guarantee cheapest price for the guns. If you don’t believe us, take your time to do a comparison. You will find us the most trusted and affordable Wholesale brand. 

Blank Guns for Sale - Train yourself with Gun Handling 

What makes our Black Guns special is their realism. They operate exactly like the real guns, so they are your perfect choice if you are a trainee, practicing guns. You and your surroundings are absolutely safe while using them. So, practice with our black guns to become an intimidating shooter. 

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