Airsoft guns are replicas of real guns and were originated in Japan somewhere around the 1860s. At that time, the government had put a ban on the use and carry of real guns and firearms.

Therefore, people or gun enthusiasts invented airsoft guns which looked exactly like the real guns with a difference that they shoot plastic BBs instead of real bullets. This difference makes them so different from real guns even when they both look the same. 

Also, this difference also makes spring airsoft guns super safe and legal too. So, yes now you have something fun around with and to practice your shooting skills. Sounds awesome? Well, airsoft guns are awesome!

Airsoft guns can be used by kids, teenagers and adults alike. These guns come in different varieties and forms. There are basically three types of airsoft guns and the most renowned and popular among them are the Electric Powered Airsoft Guns

The primary of these fantastic guns is to play Airsoft. Are you familiar with this highly thrilling outdoor game? Airsoft is a very exciting sport, especially for those who are into tactical games and sports. 

Airsoft guns are the life and soul of this sport. The kind of gun you get for yourself determines a lot about your performance and success in Airsoft.

Which is why today we will discuss the features and specs of some best guns that you can use for playing Airsoft. The price and features vary from gun to gun. Some of them are more effective than the others while some are not. 

It is not a hard and fast rule that the most expensive gun will be the best. 

Yes, it is true in most cases but is not entirely true actually. Before, buying an airsoft gun for yourself, you must set the budget and then look within that budget. This tip will help you make the right purchase for yourself. 

Today, we will focus on best airsoft guns under $50 which is usually the range of most airsoft enthusiasts. So, let us have a look at the features and specifications of guns under $50 which I have short-listed for you.

1- Camo M4 M16 Airsoft Electric Assault Rifle AEG Semi-Full Auto M83

Buy Now! $39.99

The M4 Camo Automatic AEG is an assault rifle and is bound to get your airsoft tactics keep going. This one gives you the freedom to shoot either in semi-automatic mode or in automatic mode. 

It has some advanced features which is why it is usually deemed fit for people who are above eighteen years of age. The best thing about this gun is its attractive camo design which attracts the military people and military enthusiasts towards it. 

This gun comes with a scope to help you set your target, a tactical light to help the user out in dark areas and a laser as well which is bound to come in handy. The FPS of 200 is quite decent and the gun uses only 6MM projectiles. 

The scope and laser, both are adjustable which further adds to the usability of this gun. It is an electric-powered airsoft gun which means that it is battery powered. 

The battery is rechargeable and comes with a charger as well which will save you from the hassle of buying new batteries again and again.

  • 1/1 New Generation Airsoft Electric Gun
  • Semi-Automatic
  • Use 6 mm BBs
  • Recommended for Ages 18 and Up
  • Variable Hop Up Version

    • AEG Electric M16 Assault Rifle Camo, FPS-200, Scope, Tactical Light, Laser Airsoft Gun
    • Handle
    • Shooting Glasses
    • Adjustable Electronic Gunsight
    • Adjustable Laser Aim Module
    • Flashlight
    • Strap
    • 200 6 mm BBs
    • Rechargeable Battery with Charger
    • 3 AAA Batteries
    • FPS: 200
    • Magazine Capacity: 40
    • Length: 900 mm

2- Double Eagle M291 Full Metal 1911 Tactical Rail Metal Spring Pistol Airsoft Gun

Buy Now! $17.99

The M291 airsoft pistol is good for those who want their airsoft guns closely resemble the real guns. The metal construction of this airsoft pistol makes sure of that. However, when it comes to the mechanism of this gun, then it is not so realistic. 

The reason is that this gun operates with the help of a spring mechanism which looks very unrealistic as this gun must be cocked each time you want to pull the trigger. 

Now, that can be problematic and probably not a very good choice if you wish to use it to play Airsoft; as in airsoft we have to be super fast and must always be ready. 

But this gun is a good option for those who want to practice shooting or have some backyard fun. 

The accuracy of this gun is also remarkable with an FPS of 240 and the shooting range of a projectile is from 30 to 60 feet. This one also features a full metal slide and the zinc alloy premium finish totally grabs the attention of the onlooker. 

The matt black finish further adds to its beauty and the retailed frame on the gun used for attaching various scopes and laser also looks good and proves to be useful as well.

    • Overall Length: 235mm
    • Range: ~30' to 60'
    • Magazine Capacity: 21 rds
    • Weight: 550g
    • Velocity: 240
    • Full Metal Slide. Zinc Alloy High quality finish.
    • 1:1 Scale True Replica to the Real 1911 Pistol
    • Matt Black Non-Glare Finish.
    • Railed Frame for optic/laser and light attachments.
    • High power and accuracy (based on general accuracy and power of a spring gun).

3- Green Gas HFC HG-132B FPS-350 Airsoft Revolver Gun 4" Barrell

Buy Now! $38.99

The HFC HG-132B is good for those airsofters who want a reliable weapon and aim to use the gun for casual use or for polishing their shooting skills. It has a remarkable velocity of about 350 FPS and a shooting range of about 100 feet. 

Well, that is something. Isn’t it? This one is a gas-powered airsoft gun but does not have a blowback feature. This may hinder its ability to look more realistic but the rest of the features cover up for that. 

It uses green gas cartridges, also known as propane cartridges to operate. The gas provides momentum to the BB and forces it through the barrel and out towards the target. 

The fully adjustable rear sight and the four inches long barrel are some of its more fascinating features. This gun has a glossy black barrel made up of metal and the anti-slip grips have textures on them, giving the gun a classy look. 

It is a revolver and therefore has a magazine capacity of 6 shells of 0.12g. The safety switch and the hammer of this gun are not for just visual purpose but they are fully functional as well.

    • Heavy Weight Realistic 1:1 Scale
    • 350 Feet Per Second Projectile Velocity With .12g BBs
    • 100 Feet Effective Range
    • Green Gas Powered - Non-Blowback
    • 6 Round Magazine Capacity - Includes 6 Shells
    • Metal Barrel Construction
    • Semi-Automatic Firing Mode
    • 4" Bull Barrel
    • Textured Anti-Slip Grips
    • Working Safty
    • Working Hammer
    • Fixed Hop-Up

4- Colt M45A1 CQBP 6mm Caliber Airsoft CO2 Pistol 495 FPS

Buy Now! $23.95

The Colt M45A1 is designed to achieve high accuracy and precision. It is a highly powered airsoft pistol and its high FPS of 495 makes it worthy of the collection of the most advanced airsofters. 

You can use it for target shooting and you can also use it to play airsoft. This piece is officially licensed by the Colt which means that it is the exact replica of the original one. 

The fixed three-dot system and the BAXS accuracy system make sure that the projectile hits the target right on the spot. These airsoft guns are user-friendly as they provide custom grips and help the user to have a stronghold of the gun. 

This gun also features an accessory rail on which you can attach various additional items i.e. scopes and lasers. These airsoft guns come with an extra bag of plastic BBs and can be bought at very reasonable rates in stores all over the world.

    • Smoothbore barrel
    • BAXS accuracy system
    • For use with any 6mm airsoft BB
    • 15-BB magazine capacity
    • Fixed 3-dot sight system
    • Railed frame for accessories
    • Good replica of the military-used Colt M45A1 pistol
    • Custom multi-color grip
    • Includes a bag of BBs
    • Semi Automatic CO2 action
    • Safety: Manual
    • Product Weight (lb.): 1.2
    • Product Length (in.): 9
    • Velocity (fps): 495
    • Grip: Custom plastic
    • Method of propulsion: CO2
    • Caliber: 6mm

5- Double Eagle DE M56A Tri-Shot Spring Airsoft Shotgun FPS-320

Buy Now! $43.49

The DE M56A powers itself via a spring mechanism and is a tri-shot shotgun. The grip of this shotgun is designed in a way so as they provide maximum stability to the user. 

Do you know what a tri-shot gun is? It is a gun which shoots three projectiles from the barrel in one go. The three barrels simultaneously shoot projectiles and increase the chances of hitting the target. 

These airsoft guns also feature iron sights which help in shooting target accurately and the FPS of 320 further adds to the list of benefits of these guns. 

This tri-shot gun has a plastic construction and the magazine capacity of this gun is 30 rounds.

    • Spring Powered
    • Plastic Construction
    • Pump Action
    • Multi-Shot, 3 BBs Each Shot
    • Full Stock
    • Spring Multi-Shot M56A Shotgun FPS-320 Full Stock Airsoft Gun
    • 1 Shell/Magazine
    • Speed Loader
    • Strap
    • Barrel Cleaning Rod
    • Sample Bag Of BBs
    • FPS: 320
    • Magazine Capacity: 30
    • Size: 35 Inches

The above-mentioned stunning airsoft guns under $50 are a good choice for everyone. With that extensive range and advanced features, that’s reasonable. Isn’t that?