Automatic Push Button Folding Beard Comb Switchblade Knife White Acrylic Handle

Comb with 9 inch open length and 4 inch steel comb. Includes pocket clip.
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Part Number: 6G2-TF-CB005WH
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This is the 9" White Faux Pearl Handle Automatic Deploying Comb Switchblade Stiletto Hair Brush. What the quickest way to comb your hair? By using this automatic switch comb, you can deploy a stainless steel comb and use it while looking cool. Featuring a safety lever and a reversible belt clip, this little automatic comb can fit in your pocket for any occasion that you might need to comb your hair.

Comb features:
  • 9 inch overall open length
  • 4 inch 3cr13 steel comb
  • 5 inch acrylic handle with polished bolster
  • Includes pocket clip

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