Airsoft Guns Vs Paintball Guns Vs Pellet Guns

Love shooting with guns? There are many like you who love firing, but are always reluctant to use real guns. And why not? Guns can be absolutely dangerous and pose a lot of threat. No surprise why these are illegal to own in the US. 

Considering this eagerness of people to enjoy shooting, replica guns have been constructed. There are airsoft guns, paintball guns and pellet guns designed to replicate the original firearms and give an opportunity to these crazy enthusiasts to enjoy shooting in a safe manner. 

So, if you want to experience realistic shooting in 2020, you don’t necessarily need real firearms. You can rather use these replica guns to experience real shooting in a very secure way. 

Airsoft guns, paintball guns and pellet guns are the most popular replica guns being used in the modern days for different purposes. They don’t just let you enjoy some realistic shooting; you can use them for playing different games and enjoy some outdoor activities. 

There are questions people often ask experts. What are the best replica guns? Which is cheaper airsoft guns or paintball guns? What are the best guns for playing different games? We are answering all these important and frequently asked questions. 

Today, we are specifically focusing on these replica guns, and how realistic they are. In addition, we will identify the ways they are used. It is also quite essential to figure out the cheapest and the best guns among these sports guns. So, let’s begin the detailed description of airsoft guns, paintball guns and pellet guns:

What are Airsoft Guns?

Airsoft guns are one of the replica guns, and perhaps the safest guns for enjoying realistic shooting. These are the guns often made of plastic or metal. 

airsoft guns

They shoot plastic BBs that don’t pose any threat of injuries. However, they are quite real in terms of design and shooting mechanism. 

They almost look like real firearms except the bullets they fire. The shooting mechanism determines that they are almost real. They shoot exactly like real guns, but cause no harm since plastic BBs are being fired from them. Though they are not very dangerous, you still have to wear safety equipment while using them. 

What are Paintball Guns?

Also known as paintball markers, paintball guns used for shooting in a sport called paintball. They are also known as paintball airguns as they use paintball equipment. They are often CO2 airsoft guns and shoot like real guns. There are different mechanisms used by these guns for shooting. 

The important thing is that they can shoot paintballs that cause a spot or mark on target. They are like airsoft guns, but the use of bullets causes the difference. They use different sorts of bullets. However, they do provide some enjoyable shooting experience and are quite safe! 

What are Pellet Guns?

Pellet guns are the other replica guns. Like paintball guns and airsoft guns, they also provide a realistic shooting experience. However, they don’t use real bullets, paintballs or plastic bullets. They rather use steel BBs. Yes, they use harder bullets to some extent. Steel is a little stronger material, but it is still less dangerous than real bullets. 

It does cause slight injuries, but it does not have the ability to cause long term injuries. Also, it is not a gun used for lethal purposes. Talking about steel BBs, yes, they can cause some damage to the eyes, however, even plastic BBs used in airsoft guns can also cause damage to the eyes. 

What are Airsoft Guns Best For?

When it comes to airsoft guns, they are the best for playing a sport called airsoft. Yes, they are great for enjoying realistic shooting and activities like target practice. However, the most important use of these guns is to play airsoft games. Since they are quite realistic, you would love it being a fan of shooting. 

Also, if you like outdoor activities such as target practice, these guns are the best. For airsofters who are keen to play airsoft games, these are ideal guns. If you want to experience airsoft, get an airsoft gun and step foot on the field. You will have a memorable experience. You can play some scenario based games such as military simulations and enjoy every split of a second on the airsoft field. 

What are Paintball Guns Best For?

Paintball is a similar sport like airsoft. There is no real difference between airsoft and paintball. Both include fun games and scenario based games. Yes, there can be military simulations in paintball, but it is for those who love to have more fun on the field. The paint markers on the shirts determine if the paintball has hit the player. 

In airsoft, there is no such mark on the outfit of the player hit by the BB. Hence, airsoft depends more on honesty of the players. In paintball, it is easier to determine if the player is hit by the capsule because there is a paint mark or spot on his shirt. Anyways, paintball guns are the best for playing this exciting and fun sport! 

What are Pellet Guns Best For?

As far as pellet guns are concerned, they offer slightly different uses. These guns are neither good for sports nor good for target practice. Pellet guns are the best for small game hunting. So, yes, these are good outdoor guns that can be used for hunting. However, it can’t help hunting deers. 

The small steel BBs can’t take down a deer. These guns are the best when it comes to hunting small game such as rabbits, squirrels, ducks, quails and birds etc. So, these guns are the best for small game hunting only! 

Which is Cheaper Airsoft Gun or Paintball Gun?

Airsoft guns are cheaper than the paintball guns. In fact, they are very cheap compared to other replica guns. Paintball guns are available in the market in great numbers, but their prices are often on the higher side. This is why you see very few people engaged in paintball. 

On the other hand, airsoft has been the favorite activity for many people because they can easily afford these guns. If you are eager to enjoy some realistic shooting or take part in airsoft, the easiest thing you can do is get some airsoft guns. There is no need to break the bank for this purpose, you can afford an airsoft pistol or rifle even if you are on a budget! 

Which is Cheaper Airsoft Gun or Pellet Gun?

Airsoft gun is certainly cheaper than a pellet gun. Maybe, the BBs make the difference. There is not a great difference between the prices of these two guns. However, airsoft guns are really the cheapest replica guns. 

You can buy both these guns from the market; airsoft guns are available at reduced prices. With more retailers and wholesalers offering airsoft rifles and pistols, the prices for these guns are often on the lower side compared to pellet guns. 

Airsoft Gun - The Best & the Cheapest!

To conclude, airsoft guns are the best and the cheapest guns. These replica guns are ideal for enthusiasts. If you are on a budget, and you still want to experience some realistic shooting and enjoy some outdoor activities, consider buying airsoft guns!

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