Adjustable Nylon Belt Black Pakkawood Buckle With Hidden Knife

53" Overall nylon belt included. 4.5" Handle. 2.75" Blade. One size fit all adjustable Nylon belt.
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Part Number: 6B0-DV-01
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Reveal the best hidden knife for self defense, a perfect belt knife! This Adjustable Nylon Belt Black Buckle With Hidden Knife is a masterpiece. It is by far the best weapon you can carry to deal with the attackers. It is basically a belt buckle with a small blade concealed inside the buckle. You get the buckle and can attach it to your belt with the knob featured on it. It is easily adjustable with your belt. There is a belt as well of 53 inches length. The belt is a durable one, made of nylon. 

This Adjustable nylon belt buckle with hidden knife is a perfect weapon for self defense. It remains at the closest access. You can pull the blade out when needed and battle the attackers. You can easily remove the buckle to reveal the blade. Also, you are welcome to use the blade for routine cutting work. A great everyday carry equipment! 

  • Self defense equipment
  • Half serrated black blade
  • Pakkawood curb handle
  • Unique Item, Web belt with hidden knife
  • Belt buckle has a hidden knife

  • 53" adjustable nylon belt
  • Belt will fit up to 44" waist.
  • 2.75" blade, stainless steel
  • 3.5" solid black finish stainless belt buckle

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