Group of four, Jack and his childhood best friends stuck in bushes, covered with mud, looking desperately towards one side and screaming for help. All loaded with Airsoft Sniper Rifles. Suddenly a pellet passed from an inch of Jack’s shoulder and struck his bag, fortunately he is safe. Everyone takes a sigh of relief and with greater enthusiasm rushes towards the opponents. 

Who are four in numbers. Hiding and firing, the battle continues. The sound of firing hardly allowed anyone to listen any other sound. No one is shot by them until now and if the same happened for next few moments, they will not be able to return with the same pride. Suddenly one of them was targeted by the other team and was out of the battle now. 

Three left, gathered behind the trunk and made a strategy. They were equipped with reliable spring powered airsoft guns. The others are still four, but here only Jack and his one friend are left. Two of them got targeted by Jack and his friend but Jack’s friend received a BB too and was out.

Now only Jack is left with his spring powered airsoft gun. With his precise target he got one more out. One on one situation, the eyes of his friends are on him. Jack is not able to see the opponent to set the target. Utilizing the long barrel of spring powered airsoft gun he was carrying, Jack hanged his cap on it and the other person mistook it for Jack and shot it. 

This gave the chance to Jack to see him and to finish it all at once. With his great accuracy, he shot him down and won the battle for his friends. As along with a good jockey, it is necessary to have an excellent horse to win the race, similarly a good soldier along with trustworthy weapon is required to win the battle. 

And in this case, this task was done by spring airsoft guns. No matter whatever Airsoft game it is, if you want a reliable weapon to win your battles, trust on spring airsoft guns.

Airsoft guns are the perfect, same to same copies of the original guns used by armed forces. Among the many different types of airsoft guns, the most popular one are spring airsoft guns. Apart from it other airsoft guns are also used. Automatic electric guns are another type of airsoft guns. Few of them are battery powered. 

The cells used in batteries can be charged again. People charge the battery and carry it along with them, sometimes they do carry an extra battery as well. They are categorized differently, some are high powered with more powerful blow others are low powered, their impact is not that hard as of the high powered. 

Battery of each one has its own different range depending upon the voltage of battery. High powered use more high voltage batteries as compared to low powered one, which consumes less voltage. Mini electric guns are also included in Automatic electric guns. Even automated pistols are available. Apart from battery, gas, powered airsoft guns are widely used too. 

The gases such as propane and many others are used for this purpose. Electric powered guns are more liked mechanism in the long rifles or snipers, it requires more space whereas gas powered does not require that much space and are even used more likely in pistol as well. 

Among all the airsoft guns the hybrid guns are the latest and that is the reason they are expensive too. All of them are ditto copy of the original one, they are this much same that one can barely point out any difference.

Spring Airsoft Guns

There exists a spring, coil spring that is wound very tightly. When force is applied across spring, it possess energy, this energy known as elastic potential energy is used to propel the piston, as a result pressure is built in the gun and this pressure pops the pellet in the cylinder shaped barrel. 

spring airsoft guns

This is termed sometimes as loading process. The pellet is released when the trigger is pressed. These guns can load a single pellet at a time. Every time, after every shot, if one wants to fire another, he has to load the gun again. So spring airsoft guns will fire one pellet and after that will be reloaded and then will fire the next one. A single shot at a time.

Origin of Spring Airsoft Guns

We all know the airsoft guns are replicas. But the replicas always come from an origin. The origin of spring airsoft guns is rifle. The rifles are being used from long time. Many different types of rifles are being used from centuries. Lever action and bolt action are the oldest types of rifles. 

With time they were changed to pump actions. All of these have the common mechanism of a coil spring. It is the same mechanism on which the spring airsoft gun works. It is believed that as the rifle is the oldest among all shooting weapons, similarly the spring airsoft guns are the oldest among all airsoft guns. Now the duplicates of all the original rifles are available as spring airsoft guns.

Spring Airsoft Guns Versus Other Airsoft Guns

The mechanism on which the spring airsoft guns operate, use of spring as a loader is also used in electric airsoft guns. Air pumps of electric soft gun are operated by springs but along with spring they do have other operating mechanism which give its edge that it is not a single shot gun like spring airsoft gun. 

Gas powered airsoft guns are capable of going long range and with more power as compared to spring airsoft guns. As the battery powered one are rechargeable, the dying battery can be a great problem. 

It may not be in using condition every time, one has to keep the battery charged but the spring airsoft gun has the great advantage as there is no battery, they are always up for the work and within no time, they can be used. Another major advantage of spring airsoft guns is that they are available at low prices as compared to other airsoft guns, others are expensive but these are available at decent prices.

Gadgetry Used In Spring Airsoft Guns

New technology is being introduced day by day and so is the gadgetry. So is the case with gadgetry of spring airsoft guns. The pellets used in spring airsoft guns are fake bullets. By fake bullets it is meant that they are not the original metal bullets which are responsible for the loss. They do not cause any harm. 

They may leave a bruise which may hurt for the time being but any permanent damage or injury which maybe even short termed is hardly possible. These pellets cause no damage as they are designed for playing purpose only. They are often called BB’s. The magazines used in spring airsoft guns are similarly designed to original ones. 

Depending on the pellets they can hold, they can be differently classified. The shape of magazines may also vary. Two basic types of extensions can be added to spring airsoft guns. One is the silencer, as name gives an idea it is used to silent the gun. 

It is used to reduce the sound of gun. In fact no sound of fire can be heard when they are used. It helps the gamers as there position remains hidden. The other extension is used to extend the size of barrel, to increase its size to create more pressure and these types of extensions are called extenders or barrel extenders.

Uses of Spring Airsoft Guns

Like all other airsoft guns, the spring airsoft gun is mostly used for gaming purposes. Many of the battlefields or grounds where such games are played, they prefer to keep spring airsoft guns as they are much cheaper than the other airsoft guns. So it is helpful in reducing the total cost of the setup. 

Many sniper guns are considered in spring airsoft guns and in gaming world, the respect, the grace of these guns and persons using them is much more than any other weapon used. Apart from gaming purpose, the entertainment media (tv dramas and movies) use them widely. Instead of adding computer effects, it is preferred to use airsoft guns as it helps in creating original scene. 

The bullet will be fired; it will hit the person as well, so the overall scene looks much more real. Hence the directors use these spring airsoft guns to depict it as real. Another wide use of spring airsoft gun is in military, not in wars but for the purpose of training. 

Spending the money on real guns and bullets may be too costly, or more than that while training, to use real guns may be a serious risk. To eliminate the danger and to reduce the cost airsoft guns are used and among them the spring airsoft guns are at top of the list. This is due to their accuracy and great precision that they are liked more for training.

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