PT99 Taurus Co2 Full Auto And Semi Auto Metal Blowback Pistol

1F2-21508 - Officially Licensed and Trademarked Taurus PT99. CO2 Full metal blowback. Full Auto & semi. Metal construction
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Part Number: 1F2-21508
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This Taurus P99 CO2 pistol comes with all the features you want at an unbeatable price! First of all, the gun is fully constructed of metal, giving it a very nice weight. The grip is nicely textured and bears the Taurus logo which is a nice touch. The fire selector switch is ambidextrous, but the mag release is not. The magazine is made fully of metal as well. It is a double stacking magazine and holds 27 rounds. This pistol has a built in rail allowing you to easily add a flashlight or laser. The blowback action is powerful and feels very realistic. The slide locks back when the magazine is emptied, allowing you to quickly reload without having to rack the slide before firing the next shot. The pistol also has and adjustable hop up, comes with a small pack of BBs, as well as an allen key for adjusting the hop up and loading the CO2. We recommend using only 0.20g BBs or heavier in this pistol.
  • Officially Licensed and Trademarked Taurus PT99
  • CO2 Full metal blowback
  • Full Auto & semi
  • Metal construction
  • Strong recoil
  • Adjustable BAX Shooting System
  • 27 Round Magazine
  • Approx. FPS 290-330 with .20g BB
  • Integrated Lower tactical rail
  • Product Dimensions: 12.5 x 8 x 2.5 inches

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