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Medieval Gothic Black Riders Fantasy Gauntlets
Medieval Gothic Black Riders Fantasy Gauntlets. Crafted from 18 Gauge Steel and Other Materials, A Fantastic Collectible, Display Item, or Gift Idea.
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Medieval Knights 18G Gauntlets
Medieval Knights Gauntlets. These gauntlets are 18g plate armor with a polished finish. Each section has been riveted together for securing the plates but leaving optimal mobility.
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Medieval Knights Mitten Cuff Gauntlet Set
Medieval Knights Mitten Cuff Gauntlet Set. Crafted from 18 Gauge Steel and Other Materials.
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Medieval Polished Knights Riveted Gauntlets
Medieval Polished Knights Riveted Gauntlets. Crafted from 18 gauge steel, they are rather hardy, offering substantial protection to the hands and wrists, while their fine level of construction ensures that they do so without interfering overly much with the traditional range of movement.
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Gothic Finger Gauntlets
Our Gothic German Finger Gauntlets are fully articulated and comfortable. Made in 18 gauge steel. Includes leather gloves which are attached to the gauntlets by leather straps.
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Medieval Knight Gothic Gauntlets Gloves 18G Steel
Medieval Knight Gothic Gauntlets Gloves 18G Steel. These Gothic Gauntlets are a product of German design, possessing a style that pairs them nicely with the gothic armor that the Holy Roman Empire was known for.
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Medieval Reenactment Milanese Gauntlets 18G Steel Mitten
Our pair of Milanese Gauntlets are some of the most exciting medieval attractions around. 18 gauge construction ensures the durability of our gauntlets while maintaining a solid appearance.
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Functional Large Steel Princely Hourglass Gauntlets Leather Gloves
These gauntlets exemplify the jewellery-like quality of early plate armors, which embody the technical and artistic repertoire of their craftsmen and the exuberant taste and wealth of the patrons who commissioned and wore them.
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Medieval Combat Umbo Shield
This 14 gauge steel 8" diameter combat grade functional medieval shield boss comes with 6 pre-drilled holes and all the hardware for a quick and easy install on your shield.
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Medieval Roman Greek Muscle Body Armor Copper Antique
Medieval Roman Greek Muscle Body Armor Copper Antique. Leather straps included to secure the cuirass. Makes for a great medieval gift idea.
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Medieval Roman Greek Muscle Body Armor Polished
Medieval Roman Greek Muscle Body Armor Polished. This Muscle Cuirass is a replication based off armour first worn by the Greek hoplite. In common Greek and Roman art, this style of cuirass is worn by generals, emperors, and other high ranking and influential society members.
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Functional Viking Quadrant Berserker Shield
This Viking Quadrant Berserker Shield features a black pre-stained wooden body with a steel boss, rim and metal braces riveted across the shield.
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Round Functional Viking Shield
Our Round Viking Shield is made from solid wood which has been prestained a dark brown. The center features a steel boss with decorative steel strips as well as a complete steel rim which helps protect the edge of the shield.
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Spartacus Gladiator Helmet With Stand
Spartacus Gladiator Helmet With Display Stand. 18 Gauge Mild Steel, Features Adjusted liner with chinstrap. High quality craftsmanship.
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Gladiator Steel Functional Helmet With Stand
Polished steel, 16 gauge thick, makes this functional Gladiator helmet strong and durable. The top of the helmet has a steel plume forged to it.
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Visored Barbuta Helmet With Stand
Visored Barbuta Helmet With Stand. The interior of the helmet features a liner, both for comfort and for making small adjustments to size.
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Dark Adventurer 16G Steel Armageddon Helmet
Dark Adventurer 16 Gauge Steel Armageddon Helmet. The flared vents that decorate the full visor not only add a stylish touch, but also improve air circulation. Articulated plating forms the spine of the helmet.
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Brass Crusader Great Helmet - 16 Guage
Brass Crusader Great Helmet - 16 Guage. Helmet Display Stand Included. Features Inner Leather Liner
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15th Century Steel Articulated Gorget
15th Century Steel Articulated Gorget. This particular gorget is similar in design to a bevor, as it protects not only the collar, but also features an extension that sticks up and keeps the wearers chin and lower jaw protected.
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Cotton Armor Padded Gambeson Collar
Padded garments like this Cotton Collar are worn underneath metal and chain mail armor. It improves the absorption of impact and reinforces coverage.
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