Medieval Archers Combat Buckler Shield
Medieval Archers Combat Buckler Shield

Medieval Archers Combat Buckler Shield

Medieval Archers Combat Buckler Shield

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The buckler was designed to be a companion weapon that a warrior would use in melee combat. Thus, this Archers Buckler Shield is the perfect shield for an archer, who would only really use their shield when they entered into close quarters combat, as opposed to other warriors, who might need a large shield to fend off projectiles like arrows. Nimble and light, a buckler was impractical for defense against speedy things like arrows, but in close quarters, it excelled at deflecting and blocking an opponent's weapon with deft, effective hand-work.

This buckler is crafted from one solid piece of iron and is based on a design out of the 14th century. Like its ancient cousins, it is light, efficient, and easy to wield, which means that the wielder has to use less energy to bring the shield to bear. This buckler has an approximate diameter of 11 inches. The handle is made from forged iron and riveted down with two slabs of wood. If you're looking for a quick shield that's easy to carry and easy to use, then you're looking for this Archers Buckler Shield, as it is a handy little defense that, when used properly, makes it easy to escape from serious harm in battle.

  • Dimensions: 11 x 11 inch
  • Steel Material: 16 gauge, Polished
  • Handle Material: Forged Iron, Wood 
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