Hammer Style Sword Cane

Hammer Style Sword Cane

Hammer Style Sword Cane. Overall length: 34.5 Inches with Blade length: 20 Inches.

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A fearsome duo of weapons, the handle of this cane acts as a hammer while a sword blade hides within. The dark metal of the hammer that acts as the cane handle pairs well with the dark color of the cane, giving the cane sword a stylishly elegant appearance. The stainless steel blade within the walking cane is ideal for defense, should the need arise, possessing a diamond shaped cross section and a stamped neck that enables its user to hold it safely. 

  • Dark color schemes lends an elegant, gothic look
  • Cane handle doubles as hammer
  • Sword blade easily hidden within walking cane
  • Ideal for any collector, cosplayer, or enthusiast
  • Metal cane head
  • Stainless steel sword blade
  • Overall length: 34.5 Inches
  • Blade length: 20 Inches
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