German Pickelhaube Military Helmet

German Pickelhaube Military Helmet

German Pickelhaube Military Helmet Comes with the wooden stand

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Picklehaube is from old German, Pickle meaning point or pickaxe and Haube meaning bonnet a general term for headgear.  This German style helmet was worn in the 19th and 20th century by the Imperial German military. This helmet is constructed of 18 gauge polished steel with brass edges. The front features the Prussian Coats of Arms for that time period.  An eagle adorns a crown with its wings spread high with the breast featuring FR Fridericus Rex, for "King Frederick".  In the left talon the eagle holds a scepter and the right talon holds a sovereign orb.  Across the wings and chest is a banner that says Mit Gott Fur Koenig Und Vaterland which translates to With God for King and Fatherland.  The adjustable chin strap is leather with a brass buckle and scales.  The strap is riveted to the side of the helmet and is decorated with a brass clover with 3 crosses and a red, black, and white plate behind it on both sides. The top comes with a removable spike.  This helmet comes oiled to prevent rusting and prolong the life of this helmet.

  • Internal Diameter, Front to back: 12.50 Inches
  • Internal Diameter, Side to Side: 8 Inches
  • Internal circumference: 25.12  inches
  • Gauge: 18G
  • Size: One size fits most
  • Includes wooden stand
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