Fantasy Templar Helmet With Stand - 16 Gauge

Fantasy Templar Helmet With Stand - 16 Gauge

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The Fantasy Templar Helm is a helmet inspired by the Knights Templars (1119-1312) and the Crusades, but is also an historically accurate example of an early 14th Century Great Helm that had reached maturity in form and design and peak protection.
The Great Helm or Heaume was in use in the 12th, 13th and 14th Centuries and saw many improvements in form and design during that period. The flat top became rounded or conical to better deflect blows, the face and neck pieces lengthened to provide better protection and ventilation was improved by the addition of holes and design cutouts to improve air flow in the faceplate. Great Helms had no moveable parts and were generally worn over mail and/or cloth coifs. They were heavy, hot and restricted movement and vision. However, they provided vastly superior protection to predecessors helmets. The Fantasy Templar Helm is an example for a Great Helm at its peak.
The Fantasy Templar Helm is conical in shape and protects the entire head, face and neck. It has narrow vision slots, ventilation holes on the right side and two Templar crosses decorating the faceplate. The Helm is made from 16g mild steel. Included in the helmet is a adjusted Liner with chinstrap and a display stand.

  • Hand Forged
  • 16 Gauge Mild Steel
  • Adjusted liner with chinstrap 
  • Helmet Display Stand Included
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