Armored Medieval Knights Gauntlets
Armored Medieval Knights Gauntlets

Armored Medieval Knights Gauntlets

Armored Medieval Knights Gauntlets. Overall Length 19 Inches

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Hands had to be protected above almost all other parts of the body since they were so easily injured and were also very important in the efficiency of a soldier. Also, noble knights, who fought mostly on horseback, wore full suits of armor during this time, so there was quite a demand for exceptionally skilled artisans who could master the trade of fine-tuned articulation in making gauntlets. These gauntlets are easy to wear and allow full range of motion with the hands, fingers, and wrists. The Armored Medieval Polished Knights Gauntlets are made of 16 gauge polished steel. With steel rivets, these gauntlets are intricately designed. The authentic design allows the fingers to move naturally and the open cuff allows comfortable wrist movement. They are very comfortable to wear, offer great protection for the hand and wrist, and also allow mobility.

  • 16 Gauge Steel Construction
  • Full Range of Motion for Hands
  • Overall Length: 19 Inches
  • Weighs: 4 Lbs
  • Construction: Riveted Lames
  • Steel: Functional Steel
  • Gauge: 16g
  • Surface: Polished & Oiled Exterior, Lacquered Interior
  • Coverage: Fingers, Hands, Wrists, Lower Arms
  • Range: Full Range of Motion for Hands
  • Fitment: Adult Sizes
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